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As a former employee, I called ADT clients.

Many had bought burglar/fire alarms from ADT Dealers.

(After a year, service goes over to corporate, but ADT CORP handles monitoring.)

I was surprised to see very low premiums on some clients - $23.99-$32.95/mo.

So I called the corp office to see what services they were paying for.

To my horror, I began to realize that MOST OF THESE CLIENTS DID NOT HAVE FIRE MONITORING, even though they were lead to believe they had both burglary and fire.

Yes there was a smoke detector installed, but it wasn't hooked up to the monitoring station. I brought this attn to my manager and sent an email the legal dept.

Nothing was done.

Later on, a client had a fire when she was gone but kids were in the home.

Same scenario I describe above. The alarm didn't go off. I was called to go out.

The company paid for damage but failed to follow up with taking responsibility for misleading other clients.


Read the small print!

ADT tries to limit their liability in the event of a fire to only $500!

They need to take responsibility for misdeeds/misrepresentations of their dealers!

Reason of review: Irresponsible employer.

Preferred solution: Warn the public, because they are NOT going to change their ways.

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