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My father, age 75, contacted ADT to switch to their service based on an advertised offer. He explained to the customer service representative he had Vonage for his phone service.

The customer service rep. said she was not sure if the system could be installed without a landline. She scheduled the appointment and told my father to ask the technician. I seems odd that the customer service representative could not speak to my father's situation, since it is not uncommon.

As directed,my father asked the technician about installing the service with Vonage. He further explained the package he was expecting to be installed. The technician stated "I got you". The technician then proceeded to install a thousand dollar system.

When my father would not agree to the monthly payment, the technician got his supervisor on the phone to apply more pressure. When my father would not agree to pay the monthly fees associated with the system installed, the supervisor directed the technician to take the system out. The technician removed the ADT equipment but refused to reconnect my father's existing equipment. Now my father has to pay for a service call and reinstallation of his previous service.

My father is on a fixed income and does not have money to spare.

I am thankful the he has his wits about him and did not yield to undue sales pressure. Shame on you ADT!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It sure does, I am 71 and I have been ripped off with bait and switch....they are lying to BBB and refusing to cancel the contract. Keshia Smith from defenders, inc/ADT company sent me a letter and to BBB that they will refund about a 1/3 of my money and will not cancel the contract.

1)Responded to an ADT promotion of $27.99 for a security system with NO noticeable exceptions 2)When installing the system & preparing the contract on his Ipad, the salesperson did not advise about landline cost or insurance at $52.99 monthly. 3)Signed my name on at least seven places and signed my initials to multipage without informing me 4)Created an automatic payment with my credit card for monthly billing 5)Did not inform that the first payement would be for two months of $113. 6)Did not inform that the first payment would come out of my account within a few days of the $109 and $66 payments. 7)When I tried to cancel, I had to contact them for two days & fax the cancellation notice which cost me $3.

8)Sent a person out to my home after calling them a 3rd time to cancel & he made additional promises 9)A person visited my home and who called himself, an escalator” told me he had the power to make deals & do refunds that the people on the phone could not do. He offered to refund all money paid and reduced the monthly payment if I would not cancel. I agreed to that. He gave me a one-page contract for me to sign showing the new rate.

10)He called in and got the $66 credit. When I asked him about the other refunds, he said he would have to wait until he got back to the office and finished the paperwork before he could issue it. 11)I called the next morning and said I changed my mind and did not want o to renegotiate the contract. I wanted to cancel but was told I could not believe.

My contract was not for 11/15 but rather 11/2. There was no new contract. I was not getting my refund back. 12)On November 4th after calling them and not being able to cancel the contract, I contacted my credit card company and told them what had happened.

I file a dispute for all charges. They have issued me my credit 13) On today November 20th received a call wanting me to pay the $109, the amount the credit card refunded first. 14)It appears they are still trying to keep me in the contract. I have filed a complaint with BBB and FTC.

I will not be taken advantage of or intimidate. Today’s call was meant to do just that. The companies, ADT and Defenders, Inc.

are refusing to cancel the contract and is trying to make me pay for three years of service and refuses to pickup their equipment. With the six people I have spoken to over the phone, a letter from the above woman and an email from Keshia Smith, none have told the same story including the installer and the escalator who came to my home.

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