Columbus, Ohio

I've had adt for 8 years and every year they increase my bill. their reasoning is "to provide better service" To bad that a big lie!

My alarm had gone off and those idiots called my housae while the alarm was going off. Since they couldn't get through (because the alarm is connected to my home phone..they are such *** they called my mother in law instead of my cell phone! This has happened everytime my alarm has gone off. I'm looking for a new alarm company.

They just increased my rate again. Second time in a year.

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Tried for over a decade and ADT couldn’t get it together. How are they still in business with inferior tech, terrible customer service, and awful service contracts?


Buyer Beware! Our system was always going off for no reason.

We had technicians in our home 3-4 times. They still couldn't get it right. When I cancelled their service I demanded a credit for the past 4 months since the system did not work. They approved the credit and said it would take 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks when I did not see my 4 month credit I called to get an update.I was not surprised when they said they had no record of this conversation. It's funny how they tell you the conversations are being recorded yet there is no record of their promise to credit me.Honestly they are the WORST company I have ever dealt with


DO NOT sign a contract with this company. They are the WORST security company you could EVER go with.

I wish I would have stayed with my previous company!!!!!!!!!!

Cannot wait to get out of this and will tell all my friends how HORRIBLE this company is. They will SCAM you and LIE to you OVER and OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They are the worst. Really people do not sign a contract with these crooks. You WILL regret it.


They are the worst business I have ever dealt with. DON'T USE ADT!!!


STOP DO GO WITH ADT They will ripe you off.


They are a JOKE they lie to their customers about installation cost. Told me that the cost would be under the 800.00 moving credit and 105.00 installation fee.

NOT when the installation was completed it was over 1,200.00 really what a joke never asked me just expected us to pay it.

HATE ADT! We have used ADT for over 20 years really don't you think you've got enough of our money Hate adt!


They are *** and their billing sucks. I'm cancelling two accounts with them today!


Got quoted 450.00 to install my ADT system. Actual cost; 750.00!

When I complained they manipulated and used delaying tactics until it was too late to cancel. Running a close second to Comcast in my book.


Take a look at the email exchange. One minute ADT says my mom with dementia should have closed the account.

Next minute, they say I should have told ADT that I have 2 accounts.

I called them twice to close it.

They did not. I had to file a BBB complaint against them


Its because thats the way your call list is set up ***! Call them and change it!...

Residential alarm owners are the biggest *** on the planet... Try learning how to use the system ***!!


This company is garbage how do they continue to operate.This past week on Friday December 13,2013 One of the incompetent associates at ADT decided to with draw $1500.00 from my checking account.The amount was supposed to be $50.00.I do understand that mistakes happen.But when you then say you "cannot do anything about it" and "it will take 5-7 business days" after you took all of my money at Christmas.What the *** is a person supposed to do.You are a group of careless garbage couped up in a call center while your smug upper echelon reside without a care in the world in Florida!!I must say many of the associates at the call center were very polite and genuine but when you constantly get told we cannot do anything about this it is utter ***!! There is no other way to put it!!My name is John Domo I reside in Richmond,Va.Would love to get in contact with Mr.Shawn Lucht and or Mr.Naren Gursahaney!! :(


According to their contract you can call them and refuse the increase if they do not accept your request you can cancel the contract.


Can you believe that ADT dispatched the police for a low battery alarm. I paid for 4 false alarm fees for a low battery.

ADT acknowledged this, but it does not matter. They reacted to the alarm alert.

@Disgruntled in Dallas

No they didn't. I work for an alarm company (not ADT) and they would never dispatch on a low battery.

Something else had to have been tripped possibly by the battery dying? You are misinformed.


Admit it John, you work for ADT.


Well, our third installer in six days just left--and our system still doesn't work. The last one seemed competent but his supervisor insisted he leave us and go do an install somewhere else! We've been trying to get ours properly installed for 6 days, BUT WE'RE NOT THE PRIORITY!!!


I despise ADT! They suck big time.

My system has been doing nothing but give me grief ever since I activated it. The only reason I went with them is that when I bought my house, the system was already here (previous owners). Their sensors are defective and the alarm goes off in the middle of the night due to these deffective sensors.

Their customer service sucks! The company is ran by and filled with a bunch of ***

@ADT ***KS Big Time!!!

Yes, The absolute worst customer service!!!!!!


Stop trashing my door with your *** flyers. You are not *** welcomed here.

I have asked to stop calling me and to stop mailing me. I will not reactivate your *** scam ever. Go *** yourselves ADT.

*** YOU! :(

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