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Let my start by saying adt is suppose to be our nations leading home security. Originally my wife and I had Brinks but they were bought out and our service was transferred over to ADT.

We had become complacent with setting the alarm and our house was broke into. We then decided to upgrade the system with all the new tech. out there and when the sales person showed up we were impressed with what they had to offer.... so then it came time for the install.

the salesmen said with confidence that they install everything they sale....... that wasnt they case. when it came to the cameras and the lights that turn on either by time our turning them on by the phone app. thay said they needed to hire an electrician and that would be an additional fee.........

so they left me with a half installed security system.......... three weeks went by and i begain to ask questions and this turned into frustration then me asking them to get their *** out of my house. Merry-go-round of phone calls the *** salesmen and installation crew. was extremly un professional and in my opinion and experience they should be ashamed and embarresed.......

the try to make it right but after getting the run around that was done but it didnt even come close to all the inconvienece of it all. ADT you suck!

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Installation.

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Yes ADT reactivation service is the worst in the world. Such liars !!!! I hate ADT


ADT sucks They make you sign a 2 yr contract that you cannot get out of Then they raise your monthly fee with no change or improvement in your service Do not use ADT!




YES - THEY SUCK, they quote you one price , put a whole in your wall for installation and then say another price!!! BEWARE!!!


Could not agree more. ADT is disorganized, over-priced, a nightmare corporation - needless to say, a total rip-off. How do businesses like this stay in business?


This is the worst company in the world. ADT is a trap.

3 year contract that never ends. I got ADT about 7 months ago and now I am moving so if I want to cancel it is 75% of the remaining balance. If I take the service to the new place it starts again with 36 months. Top of that I have been transferred around for the past 4 and half hour to schedule one appointment to install.

I hate this Service.

I hate ADT I will never recommend it to anyone. Please don't sign up for thi


was with them for OVER 8 yrs. moved to a new house where the homeowners assoc.

had another company for security services which was part of my yearly homeowners bill. ADT would not allow us to break from the NON-STANDARD 36 month contract. Charged us 880.00 for nothing.

best way to make money ever i guess. i will NEVER use them again, and will try and spread the word wherever and whenever possible.


adt stole $520 from my checking account AFTER I paid final bill and early termination fee. ...

totally screwed up my checking account. .. was promised an "expedited refund " which took 12 days to be direct deposited into my account. ....

and the customer service was terrible. .. they treated me like a deadbeat who was months in arrears, even though I was NEVER late and in fact paid EARLY... never again...

there are many companies providing the same service.. PLEASE USE SOMEONE OTHER THAN ADT!!!!


Yep thats ADT rotten %$#@$$$%


Terrible company. The monthly fee paid to ADT is for monitoring only.

If anything goes wrong with the system, ADT will charge you to have a service man out to your property. Your monthly fee only covers "normal wear and tear". The contract prevents just about anything from falling in this bucket. Use one of the newer systems out there.

They are much cheaper and work just as well. ADT systems sold are the same as modern systems being sold at Best Buys today except you get locked into a contract.

ADT is a dinosaur. Stay away.


That's because Tyco owns ADT and everything Tyco touches turns into *** !!


We cancelled surface and pulled the entire unit out of the wall, they still claimed they were 'monitoring' our house. Nonsense. This company will soon be irrelevant.


I Have ADT in 5 locations and they are by far the worst big company I have every dealt with from subcontracting work out to double charging on bills to having a system that still does not work properly, The latest performance was a repair call that took a week for me to get and then they said they would be there from 10-4 at about 350 they called and said they could not make it and the next day they had available was in another week, All this time my warehouse is without the security that I am paying for I asked why if they cancelled my appointment that I would go to the bottom of the list again and not be the first call in the morning, They said thats the way it works, I had to pay someome 8 hours pay for them not to show up and will have to do it again next week and on top of that there rates are outrages, 135 for the first 30 minutes and then outrageous charges every 15" after that. They are always calling me to tell me there is a problem someplace and if I cant get to the phone they never tell me which of the 5 locations it is.. They are disorganized and it really makes you wonder on why you would depend on a company like this be in charge of the security of your home or buisness, They will hook you into a 3 year agreement knowing that you will probably be unhappy with the company


Right on! The installation crews were unprofessional and would work only about 4 hours per day taking long breaks and sometimes just sitting outside in their trucks.

They explained to me that even though they didn't feel like working any longer, they couldn't leave because their trucks were equipped with GPS locators that tracked where they were, so rather than actually work, they would sit there so that they were not caught goofing off. Note it took 3 different crews over 5 days that spanned 3 weeks to upgrade the existing analog system to the new digital pulse service. All 3 crews argued with me about my suggestion for running conduit along the exterior wall rather than trying to drill through the non-balloon framing. One crew even tried drilling through the various plates over 3 stories making holes in my walls before they gave up and agreed I was right.

When I received the bill, they included unexplained "conversion" costs that were not mentioned in the contract. The sales person claimed they would remove them but then their central office threatened to disconnect if I didn't pay and they said it wasn't their problem that the salesperson did not include the details of all possible charges. The final damning item is that one of the digital encoders for a camera needs to be rebooted every 2 weeks. The thing is only 1.5 months old and is already dying.

Don't ever use these people for anything. I used to deal with them on a national account basis for a company I worked for during the 1980's and they have completely gone to pot since then.




Good Evening, my name is Dan and I work out of ADT's Corporate Customer Relations office. I am very sorry to hear about your experience wtih our company and would like to assist you further with a resolution.

Please send us your contact information to and we will reach out to you.

Thank you. -Dan

@ADT Customer Relations

Dan, I think you are a little too late. Probably a bot and not even a person.

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