After installing alarms now for 20 years, the worst of the worst is ADT, Yes they are the largest,Yes they make TONS of money a year from the 6 million plus hardworking,honest people that have been sold a lie!Grab a stopwatch and hit a medical panic right now if you do not believe.

For some it may have great results, for others? you won't even get a call...Stick to "911" for emergencies,Your insurance company and Law enforcement will do a much better job. That 33.99 and above you pay a month would serve much better being donated to your community.

Stop the fleecing of mankind!Be proactive on what you can do to protect yourself, not the false piece of mind you got "High Pressure" sold on.Good systems are not cheap and NO system will stop anyone who really wants to rob you.

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We got trapped by ADT contract for 3 years and finally broke free this year. It was a nightmare..............

We decided never going back to monitoring and contract binding ever again.

Found an alarm company AAS Alarm online. Bought an alarm kit from them, setup the alarm ourselves. Took control of the system using our phone line to monitor on our own. Who could've thought there are DIY alarm systems existed and worked like a charm.

Hope to share it with everyone. Good Luck to All.


Had ADT for 2 years and then moved; contacted them for new address.I was told there was a 3 year contract and while that was going on ADT did an automatic debit to my bank account.

Called and was told it was for the 3 year contract, whether or not I used their service. Then a $63 bill shows up in the mail with no explanation. Called and was told that was my "contract buy out" fee, in addition to the yearly fee. Told them I would and I did NOT keep the service.

Now there are overdue bill notices coming for the $63.Almost as bad as Comcast!


Terrible service. Terrible Product. Bad company.


Just cancelled when they unilaterally increased bill by another 5%.When I called, I was told that I had to write them a letter to cancel and that they "had a policy" of requiring 30 days advance written notice.

They were totally unhelpful and nasty.

This after I had been a 30+ year customer of their service and had put up with poor service, paid bills without protest, etc.

What a big rip.I told my credit card company not to accept any more bills and to dispute the most recent one.


ADT is horrible, they have gotten too big and their customer service sucks. It takes a week for a technician to come out to fix something.


:( I was a Technician for ADT for 10 years and was tired of making excuses and covering up for mistakes caused by other employees(Local and Corporate)and the Rude minimum wage employees that would talk to the customers like they were Idiots..And we would get the brunt of the customers anger after they talked to them..Didn't blame the Customers..Personally;I took my job seriously and did whatever I could to get their systems right and make them happy. but ADT only considered us as a number.I would be cautious about getting a security system and get references first!!!

Cooks, Michigan, United States #422034

When I installed the system, they said I had six months to try and they will cancel if I am not happy with it.They even compared with the competitor who was using giving three months.

After using it for a couple of months, I realized it did not pick up many signals in the house. For example, if someone entered through the backdoor and went directly to the upper floor, it does not pick that signal. So, it was essentially not doing what it was bought for. I called up to cancel it and have been getting the run around.

This sucks!I am not sure if these people are any better than crooks who sell lies!!


I recently put in an ADT system which works pretty well.However, the salesman who installed my system sold me on two additional motion sensors.

I also have three dogs. I was told by the sales rep that the sensor would not pick up the dogs. After installation I quickly realized that the dogs send the system into alarm.

I have been trying to reach out for ADT to solve the problem and change the sensors, but they will not get back to me.Their service sucks to say the least.

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