Clarksburg, West Virginia

called for a service call..was informed it would cost me $200 for the first 45 minutes!! scheduled it from 12-5pm..service tech showed up at 8am and left a note on the door...I had taken off work to be home at noon only to find the note..called and they said they had scheduled it for the wrong time...I told them to cancel the service a bill for $168 for the service call.

When I called them they insisted it was my mistake and I owed them the charge. they offered to reduce it by $100...told them no, they had not rendered any service...they finally relented but Ic expect another "late" bill next month..what do you expect from an att company!!

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Today I had my 14th visit from ADT since I got their system in June. This is after they replaced the entire system one month ago.

There is yet another problem and they have to come out next week again. Please DO NOT buy anything from ADT. I payed $3,000 up front and $67 a month for nothing.

I can't get out of the contract unless I pay another $1,000. Anyone but ADT.


ADT is the worst, complete *** artists. They install *** equipment, you get a bunch of false alarms, then the city fines you for these.

The *** won't fix the problem without charging a ridiculous fee.

You can go through their rinky *** "procedure" and file for a refund on the hundreds of dollars in false alarm fees, then they tell you: "tough luck pal, we aren't reimbursing you." *** poor company, shylocks, *** men, liars, and *** to boot. Steer clear of these lowlifes.


An ATT company? What the heck are you talking about?

ADT has never been conected to ATT in any way.

I think you are confused and have no idea what you are talking about. I bet the appointment was at 8 and you were confused about that also.

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