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We had ADT install our system last year, we added the smoke detectors because it sounded like the thing to do. When the sales person came to our home she was running late, I had to leave for work.

I quickly scanned the simple 1 page document and signed. Later I found it shows the length of service on the back of the contract, it was three years! About a year after we had the system installed, two of the smoke detectors started chirping, when this happened they would chirp 3-6 times 15 seconds apart. I would call ADT and they would send a serviceman to our house.

The low battery chirp is suppose to be every 45 seconds. We've had them in our home many times, guessing I would have to say at least 9 times this year. They have replaced 3 detectors and within the last two weeks they put new models in. This morning at 6:42am the one in the livingroom started chirping.

I couldn't believe it. I called ADT's 800 number and scheduled a service call. When I asked them to just remove the detectors from our system I was told there would be a charge of $74.00 for the first half hour. I mentioned our service contract and was told that's for service which covers repair or replacement only.

The problem is this, the product is defective!!!! One of the first times I ever spoke with ADT on the 800 number I was told it happens when the system runs self diagnostics. The servicemen wouldn't listen to this, they knew better. They now imply we're making this up.

I work 2nd shift and they usually chirp around 5am. This really doesn't reflect how dissatisfied I am. Based on reports from other consumers, I need to follow through in whatever action plan I chose. I will never purchase another ADT product and I tell everyone I know what we are going through.

I don't believe they've been trained well enough to recognize a problem or what it is. They don't understand what they are selling. I was told by one serviceman that ADT was removing the model of smoke detectors we started out with from peoples houses because they had so many issues with them and it took months to get them to replace the ones we had. We still have one but it hasn't been a problem.

Still, should we have it?

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I have the same issue with a carbon monoxide device. Frustrating.


A year ago I bought a house which already had ADT installed, but not activated. The sales/tech made a house call, however I decided not to have it.

Ever since the system has caused me problems with false alarms and chirping. Now they want $100 to come back and permanently disable the system!

Why didn't they do that when I declined their contract! My advice - do not "hire" ADT.


Adt can install smoke detectors but not monitor them. I've had five installed, and three are monitored by adt.

If the barriers are low, it shows up on my keypad saying which zone and what's wrong. I go to walmart, buy new batteries and viola! Problem fixed. No more chirping.

So if nothing shows up on your keypad, it's not hardline monitored by adt. Just change the battery!


Amazon has plenty of ADT products.


Thanks genius you don’t think we have tried that.


We have had ADT since our house was built in 2001 and have never had any other detectors of any kind in our house. Our smoke detectors chirp for low battery - our alarm panel does not have an error condition.

So guess what alarmguyadt said is BS and if he is a tech it shows how poorly trained ADT techs are.

We called about ours chirping and they didn't know they had installed 7 of them - our "Monitored system" only shows one....ADT and their techs have no idea what they are doing. Never have.


Alarm company installed smoke detectors will interact with the system, and there will be a trouble condition displayed at the keypad as well as received by ADT as well. I can't tell you how many calls Ive went on, and its the customers household smoke detectors, a CO2 detector, or a smoke detector on a shelf or in a drawer that the customer took down and the battery went low in it. So if it is the alarm system detectors, yes, a trouble condition will display on the keypad.


Sure alarmguyadt, it's those "cheap" smoke detectors! :roll


Approved ADT smokes do not chirp. If there is a problem with them it will bw displayed on the touch pad.

Many of my customers have called me about chirping. Once I advise them to isolate the chirp, they realize it's not the adt smoke but their home "Cheap" smoke detectors.


I have an ADT smoke alarm that is chirping.

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