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I had an ADT salesman come to the house to find out about installing three of their systems.

He went through 2 hours of page after page of calculations and different money saving options. He promised $99 for basic installation (like they advertise on TV), and 7 months of free service on the main home and 2 or 3 free months on the others; he offered this because I was doing multiple homes and paying for everything a year in advance.

Finally, we settled on about $1200 for all three systems installed with service for a year. He wrote up three contracts. I noticed he was charging us $245 for two of the basic systems and $625 for the third for installation and for an outdoor siren. I questioned him about that as he had quoted $99 for the two basic installations and much less than $625 for the third.

He said "don't worry about all that and ignore the first months billing. When I get back to the office I'll put in the paper work to fix it all so it's what we've agreed on."

It seemed odd, but I figured, surely ADT wouldn't try some rip-off and risk their reputation, surely their salesmen aren't ***-artists, so I foolishly signed and paid him.

So when the first bill came for an amazing $1400+ MORE. I ignored it, as told. Then a second bill came just like the first. I called them and explained I already paid in-full for installation and a year’s service for all three systems. I was told they would make the adjustment.

Next month I got another bill. It was reduced somewhat, but still around $900+ MORE.

I called again and again about this and was told they would refer it to a supervisor. After months of "pay up now" calls from them about every other day, I finally reached a supervisor. I explained exactly what happened. He said they were going to review it all and get back to me. A week later he said I still owed the money.

To keep the credit collection mongrels off my back I paid them off. But I feel I was ripped off, taken, and conned.

Is this how a national company like ADT really does business or am I just a unique case?

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Installation.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Good Evening, my name is Dan and I work out of ADT's Corporate Customer Relations office. I am sorry to hear about your experience as this is not how ADT operates or runs our business.

Please send us your contact information to CustomerConcerns@adt.com and we will reach out to you to see what we can do to help.

Thank you. -Dan

@ADT Security Services

Been there done that..Now your fine company has me in collections!

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