Chicago, Illinois
Not resolved

Update by user Jun 13, 2016

I also contacted the attorney general for help a lawyer so they will go away. They breached their own contract.

Update by user Jun 13, 2016

Still not resolved. Adt still calling.

No service. Called them twice in 2 weeks to cancel and cannot cancel. Tried to cancel since the install. In January.

What is wrong with these people. Bounced around from a cancelling agent to billing who never picks up the phone.

Now getting bills. Unreal.

Original review posted by user May 14, 2016

How do you get rid of them. I had a system put it that never worked.

I had a wire sticking out of the top of the adapter and could not get cancelled. Very bad system. Now they want 750.00 to cancel. I tried to cancel in 3 days ...not possible.

Now. They are calling me for payment. I stopped pay on them and had to het a new card. Talk about a scam.

I went through Security Systems Now. I need an attorney now to get rid of them. They are thieves. By the time the police may come...I dont think they do..I would be dead.

Also the Federal Trade Commission is involved in this scam....should be a class action suit against ADT and all their subcontractors.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The saga continues...I have contacted the attorney general. They have helped.

Now this company is called Safe Streets USA . Security Systems Now changed their name. Cannot get a reason why, but we can take wild guess. I called Adt and got switched to Safe Streets USA.

Well, now this place tried to barter with me by lowering the cancellation fee $200 if I refer a family member to get their services. Seriously run!!!!!!


Stop with the "class action" nonsense. You watch too much television.

Just cancel and don't pay them. Take any small hit on your credit score.


Ty. Will try this.They do want $750.00 to cancel..not paying this..


Will join class action suit.

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