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Update by user Jun 22, 2011

After MONTHS of trying to get a final bill to submit to the utility commission I got a response back from ADT.

They terminated the account in MAY 2011 but I moved out SEPTEMBER 2010 - The games this company plays is amazing.

ADT in my book is about as trustful as the thief in the night that would come to steal from you!

I would NEVER give this company a good rating.

I have forwarded my paperwork to the Attorney Generals Office and they noted that they have have many complaints (IN THE THOUSANDS) so best be heard and best use your state resources to resolve the matter. ALSO FILE A BBB COMPLAINT AND FOLLOW UP!


Original review posted by user Feb 21, 2011

The little known story of ADT's shady business practices involving HIGH TERMINATION FEES, CHANGE IN CONTRACT MID TERM, and just flat out LIES.

1.) If your ADT representative states they can help you with relocation look out for the shell game.

New place already had a security system installed and running and ADT wanted a huge TERMINATION FEE of 75% of the outstanding contract (I was in my second year with them of out a three year contract - THREE YEARS AND I WAS LEASING???? - I was told TWO) and NEVER INFORMED OF THE EXTREMELY SMALL PRINT on the back side of the contract of a 75% termination fee of the outstanding contract. I was told if ADT could provide service there the would install a system - NOTE: What I was not told was that I had to resign to a longer "commitment" thus enslaving me to ADT for years to come.

2.) ADT decided to give themselves a pay raise on my dime. I called and complained and of course they (ADT) states they have not record of the call requesting that they cancel my services and to this date I still get a bill that hits the trash.


3.) Make sure you keep notes and record calls with ADT (THEY DO IT WITH YOU) but also fail to find all those calls when they know they screwed up.

I was told from Corporate ADT Office in Florida after filing a complaint with the BBB this and that and only had my monthly service fees reduced to the original contract aftr siting the about web link - them in doing so is quilt and they know it.

This is from experience and i have spoke with other people that have dealt with ADT and they are a JOKE - RIP OFF and YOU SHOULD NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM - DO YOU HOMEWORK BRFORE SIGNING UP WITH ANY SECURITY COMPANY.


Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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Would not recommend ADT either...they are like a big rabbit hole...


they are *** services, thieves and i will never recommend anyone


I will never use or recommend ADT to anyone. The ADT salesman who sold me the system never mention the three years cancellation fee or anything. I closed my business and they still want me to paid them money.


They're the worst! I threatened to expose them to my local news station.

Why would anyone want a three year contract for a security system? Robbing people without a gun !!


Agree with the statements made here. ADT billing services department has some serious issues since Tyco sold the company.

They can't keep their things in order. We have four accounts I am terminating today.

We are looking for another company. Any suggestions?


HEY I HAD THE SAME THING I HAD TO CAUSE A STINK TO GET IT TAKEN CARE OF HERE IS MIKE's CELL he is in the corporate office : 904-524-0483


Same thing here. This is the worst of the worst.

They are a scam.

There used to be a company where fees were $10 collars a month!!! I am going to try and locate them.


Same thing here. Not only was under a 3 year contract when told 2, I was told if I moved all of my equipment would go with me.

Now I find out none of the window detection pieces transfer to my new address. When I complained I was told that I was misled by a private company and I should have felt with corporate. What!?! I called the number on the website.

ADT is ADT right!?!

Now I'm stuck with the 75% cancellation fee. I'm going to fight this with the bank.


HEY I HAD THE SAME THING I HAD TO CAUSE A STINK TO GET IT TAKEN CARE OF HERE IS MIKE's CELL he is in the corporate office : 904-524-0483 please call him he wanted to just ignore me at first but after calling him many times i got it taken care of


We pay $887.65 for the equipment to be assure we would not need to sign in contract. After a year and 4 month I'm trying to disconnect the service and they said I need to pay cancellation fee for almost $1,000.00.

I told them No, I don't have any cancellation fee. The sales man ask my husband to write his signature and initial on an iPad for our purchase of the equipment and monthly monitoring service. NOTHING MENTION ABOUT CONTRACT. Again, we told him that we do not want any installment payment nor contract so he told us if we purchase the equipment we can do that.

When I call for the cancellation is the first time we learn that there is A contract. The salesman use Docusign from my husband signature and initial to make the contract. How come a Company that claim to be a Security Company is the Perperator it self ???!

Stealing people money through paper on Scam Contract still called Thief. Just because not on plain sight and physically doesn't mean it's not stealing.


They just did this to me for $791 ~~~!!!! SALES MAN NEVER TOLD ME about this totally tricked me into signing never disclosed, told me to sign in a hurry and hand him a check!!




Sadly, I just discovered this as well, now I own equipment that is worthless and I still have to pay an exorbitant amount. I was sure to inform them of not touching my checking via the discount program and immediately followed up with my bank.

A side note here, it is NOT adt who you actually contract with, so complaints are worthless there. They subcontract everything but their fees.


ADT IS A ROBBER. :( :( :(



We are in a 3 year contract and are 1 year and 4 months into it. I was told by the salesperson that if I moved I could pay $99.00 and tranfer my account to another address and let someone else take over my contract.

ADT says they can't do that but a sales rep for the alarm company who sold it to me can. So I guess we will see. Outlook not good option B is pay 75% of remaining contract ie.

$550.00. I moved to a Park Model travel trailer which for liability reasons they will not install the system in.


Do not sign up with ADT , I have been out of business a year and they are still charging me claiming my contract is not up when I was told that it would be up in feb .. not they said I have another year and need to pay them a fee..

such lies .. I am going to tell everyone NEVER to do business with them


I wish I looked into ADT before signing. I've had their service since May 2013 and I am deeply regretting it now.

Not only do they charge $60 a month for their monthly service charge, they also took the liberty to call the police after my Grandmother offered to attend. It was a false alarm (of course) and from the motion detector that isn't supposed to detect things under 40lbs, and now I have a bill from my local police department for $50 for reporting a false alarm! ADT doesn't care, they are ***. What is the point of calling other people to go check it out if they are going to call the police anyways.

I want out of this, they are the worst company ever and don't give a rats behind about their customers.

I don't know of any happy ADT customers. I'm having a lawyer review my contract as it doesn't state how to get out of it, it only states all the things ADT and my Dealer aren't responsible for.

@Unhappy Customer24

Yep, you just told my story. STAY AWAY FROM ADT.


Wow I wish I looked on line before I hired ADT many years ago.

I had ADT, Hurricane Charley destroyed my house, and I had a completely new system put in. Cost a lot of money, but as it turned out it was not working for reasons I thought had nothing to do with ADT. So I canceled the service. Having paid so much for the installation I was too *** to look at the details of the contract, had other things on my mind and was not living in the house. A few years passed and I decided to get the system working, was told they would do nothing without $750 I owed them. I didn't know why, just paid it. Signed up with a new three year contract. It doesn't work properly, but I am not on the scene to work with ADT to fix it so it is just off. Now they have raised my monthly rate - just a couple of dollars, but I don't understand how they can do that. Just sold the house. ADT wants 75% of the rest of the payments from me for a cancellation fee.

What an unpleasant company to deal with. Poor service, sloppy installations, expensive cancellations. Stay away from them.

@Rosie in Florida

If they raised your monthly fee then you have the right to opt out of the service without paying the 75%. They have changed the original conditions of the contract, the catch is you have to cancel within a window (of which I'm not sure of) before they just assume that you're okay with it.


i been trying to cancel my contract with adt after.i called them twice about my adt after having it for two weeks the system not working.they cancel it but told me im stuck with the bill for 3yrs. :cry

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