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I am 92. I discontinued use of Brinks Security years ago. At that time Brinks insisted my husband and I pay two years in advance to initiate service, which we did. We never received a bill after that. My husband died November 14, 2007. Because I am in a wheelchair, it became a problem disabling the alarm before sending a false alarm. So we never used it after that, nor were we contacted for additional payment.

This August 30, 2011 I received an un-itemized bill for $333.88 from them. I contacted the constomer service department and they would not talk about my account without a code word first. I do not know the code any longer. The second call produced the same result--no code, no information, no way to take care of this. If I go through a process now to cancel, it would appear that I have had the service continuously, which I have not. Nor have they ever billed be after the initial two years' payment.

Yesterday, October 7, I received a letter from a Collections agency. I suppose they own the collection agency also, but cannot confirm this. This is a predatory business practice. I had to ask my son and daughter to help me with this. Any advice would be appreciated.

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You should be able to provide either power of attorney, or a death certificate to show that you are legally able to cancel. If they won't cooperate, call the lawyer who handled your probate, get the lawyer to write the company, and sue the company for the legal fees etc. in small claims court.

Hope that this helps.

Ben t

You have a service in your home. It's common sense you need to pay for it.

Or send in a cancellation letter including your account number, address and signed. Of course calling a security company they won't just take cancellations from anyone, you should respect that. Otherwise I'm sure people would call about people's homes, cancel service and then break in. Doesn't that make common sense to you?

And calling a second time without the information they asked for the first time is again senseless. Call the data department and ask to have that information sent or send in a cancellation letter. Common sense you have a service- if you don't pay it will go to collections, I hope this isn't the first bill you've ever had to pay?

ADT did nothing wrong if anything they protected your home against random people calling about your account. You should pay your bill and thank them.


ADT is a joke. We signed for a 1 year contract and said we signed a 2 year contract never used there service. Also got turned into collection.

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