Deland, Florida
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ADT Home Security Services raised the monthly rates without notice. Am stuck with a three year contract that costs 75% to opt out.

This company can dictate price when ever they want. In my opinion poor business practice. Beware of what you sign with this company, they do a poor job of explaining the service. There basic service does not cover windows.

If someone broke in to your house while you were asleep they have at least sixty seconds to go through your house before any alarm sounds.

Am unhappy with their business practice and their products. Will cancel when contract is up.

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it seems they want everyone to auto pay monthly or face a $2/month penalty... I pay YEARLY yet they are going to icnrease my rate by the same $2 month if i dont pay atuotmatically by the month..does that make any business sense to ANYONE?

woudlnt you rather have all yoru money up front? i dont trust these *** with my CC numbers...on a monthly basis or any other way--- security BS


in your contract you have to aprove the price increase. if not then they are voiding the contract. I had the same problem and after calling them they agreed to put the rates back where they were

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