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To whom it may concern

This is not the first letter I have sent ADT, hopefully the matter will be resolved after this letter!As I have explained in my previous letter (which very conveniently have never been received by ADT accounts) the factory (11 Fransen str unit 4, Chamdor) where the alarm system have been installed in May 2009, is not occupied by us anymore. We had to give up the factory at the end of July 2009, where we rented due to unforeseen financial difficulties. With this we contacted ADT and told them what our situation was. The new tenants wanted to take over the alarm system and contacted ADT several times. ADT did not respond and they decided to use another security company as ADT's service was so bad. Kiara Security then came and removed the alarm system.

We could not install it at our residence either, as we are renting and the landlord already has an alarm system installed in the flat. We however continued paying the installment each month until January 2010 as we were really paying for nothing and nobody at ADT were willing to help us. Now ADT is threatening to list us on ITC as I have cancelled the debit order for Feb '10 and March '10. ADT also refuses to give us a signal report (because there has been no signal for several months)

The only way I could get a response from ADT was to stop paying. So please, I really tried to accommodate ADT in every aspect that there is, now it's time for them to accommodate me! I cannot buy out the contract as we are struggling financially and there is no other way out according to the person I spoke to today (22 Apr '10) This is really a matter out of my control and no person in his right mind would be willing to pay for something you don't have.

Please attend to this matter ASAP.


A. de Jager083 397 8755

Dear Sir/Madam

This letter serves to inform you that at the beginning of the leasing of the premises it was our intention by the request of the previous tenant to transfer the contract for the alarm to Rock Breaking Demolitions as the alarm was already installed in the building, however after numerous attempts telephonically, with no response we contacted another alarm company to install an alarm and your alarm system was removed from the building by Kiara security.

If you have any further inquiries, please contact us.

Kind Regards

Angelique StroebelRock Breaking Demolitions

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You signed a contract. If u cannot take the system with u, it costs to cancel said contract. End of story.

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