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They don't clearly explain that their contract binds you to pay $1,000's if you cancel service, no matter the circumstances, even if you are not happy with their service, even if your small business is going broke.

They do not follow-up to make sure their services are working correctly.

They do not call you if your alarm goes off.

They charge you less $ to replace the Entire system and more $ Just to replace the battery. I think that is very wasteful.

They allow their customer service employees (& us) to have to listen to a continual beeping noise sound during phone calls.

They charge you by the number of days in the month instead of monthly. If you pay by automatic through your bank, you will get major late fees for the 31day months.

ADT a company that needs to greatly improve their ethics and appreciate their employees and customers.

I do not suggest anyone use ADT services.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System.

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Actually alarm companies make you sign contracts because they often LOSE money on the installation and have to make the money back. Just for giggles look up what a wireless sensor and factor the cost of the equipment, the cost of someone putting it in and the salesperson that sold it. If a company does not have a contract their installation is usually higher because they are charging everything up front.


So you signed a contract that you did not read and are upset about what is says and your business is going broke? Sounds like the problem here is you.

Go look at your contract and you will see that you leased the equipment. Just like any business lease the company providing the goods and services expects to get paid so they can stay in business. Your failure to manage and develop a profitable business is not ADT's fault and they should not have to pay for your incompetance.

A beeping noise during phone calls to ADT? Really, thats what bothers you?

Grow up. That is required by law to alert both parties that the call is being recorded.

Again, not ADT's fault. This complaint makes your whole post just seem silly.


Actually, you don't get what you pay for -- if you did they won't have you sign a contract that is totally in favor of themselves. They wouldn't trick people in signing 3 year contracts with no way out of the contract without paying them a huge fee.


ADT-Brinks whatever name they go by -- their contract only is for them once you sign on the line -- you are screwed.


you get what you pay for with alarm companies...ive seen and heard many horror stories of alarm companies not responding when someones alarm goes off...and not responding when there is a service issue...adt has multi monitoring facilities and offers 24 hour service...

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