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ADT came out 1/23/2016. I asked if any additional charges and kept getting blown.Then at the end 2800.00 plus the monthly charges.

Ask the tech how long battery's would last and about false alarms, as police charge, He stated 5 years on battery and no false alarms.He hustled me as he was late for another job and told me to initial and sign the contract not letting me see it only where to sign and he would put all the paper work in a folder. After he left a couple hrs. I went to review and no contract. I asked my wife and she said he would probably mail them.

! week went by and on 1/30/2016 I had a alarm, sent my neighbor to look and nothing as I wasn't home.I called and as usual had to go through the prom and wait for tech. After approx 10 minutes I used the prom to leave a message and started to and said screw this hung up. I called back immediately on the emergency and finally got a person after 5 min.

and then was transferred to the billing dept. I said take this system sand shove it. I told her this is my second call and she called me a liar as the computer shows all calls, I said my I phone doesn't lie and it shows both calls.Yelling and screaming prevailed and she told me she would send me a copy of the contract as if she knew I didn't. I was so pissed at this point I said yes and don't send me ***.

After getting off the phone I asked my wife if she got the contract in the mail she checked and said no.Later I received 5 more false alarms and finally turned it off after 4 am. I then called Monday morning 2/1/2016 got the run around and they said they sent it email.While on the phone I checked all emails, spam, trash and no contracts but it did show false alarms. He then he sent me the copy's and said he would get someone out in a week or so. I said that was unacceptable.

After review the contracts #1 I wouldn't have signed knowing it was 3 years, #2 I specifically asked up front when originally called them I asked if they were from Texas as the businesses their seem to pray on Floridians and scam us and I wouldn't deal with a company from their, he said no.Billings come from Dallas.#3 If I knew a 3 year contract I wouldn't have gotten it as I am moving in 1 to 2 years.#4 The cancellation notice dated to cancel by 1/27/2016 I never received or was shown as the tech had forged my name on it which I feel should have criminal charges brought on the company.When I did receive the document I faxed it to the cancellation dept. even though past the date. I then called American express to cancel. This company should be investigated.

I have an alarm system that doesn't work and probably a court battle. They remind me of the aluminum siding scam that went on in the 60s and the Fed's got involved.Same situation in my opinion as I am over 65 which is preying on the elderly.

Reason of review: Forged documents.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

ADT Cons: Unethical contract and phone reps, Unethical selling, Lack of ethics.

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