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On May 20th, at 8:15 PM, somebody rang our doorbell. I never answer the door without a person calling me first to let me know that they are coming over. I went out on the upstairs front patio to see who was ringing the door so late at night and saw a black gentleman. He asked me if he could enter my home so that he could discuss ADT security with me. I said, no, and said we already had ADT. He got back into his white colored van that had ADT Security advertised on the side and saw other people in the van.

It is Very inappropriate for a man to request to enter a woman's home, unannounced! He did not know that my husband was home. My husband was infuriated when he found out that a man wanted to enter our home at night! My husband walked up the street to let them know that they should Not be in this neighborhood (as there are signs saying, "No Solicitors") and that asking to enter our home was inappropriate! He then asked for their business card so that we could talk to their manager about this distressing experience. He saw one white man, 2 black men, and one latin-looking woman who was driving the van. Her business card says: Ashley Zendejas, Sales Manager, DCJS: 11-7900

ADT Security Services 4500 Holland Office Park, Ste 306 Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Tel: 866-362-2496 Cell: 757-406-9587


Please tell your folks they should never to come to homes unannounced as in this time of age, protections of our families and having privacy is very important to all of us. And let them know that it is inappropriate to enter neighborhoods where no solicitation is allowed.

Thank you for your time in handling this as this has already taken too much of our precious personal time dealing with this situation making calls and writing letters about our distress over this situation.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael VogelHoffler

Monetary Loss: $100.

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ADT's practices are dangerous. Here in Arizona they have an ex-convict running a dealership.


Also to the people who made this post grow up! I have seen these people before and I have talked to them and verified with ADT they are legit.

Also your "precious personal time" must not be that important if you are complaining online about it. Oh boowoo someone wanted to talk to me about getting security for my home oh noooooo im soooo scared.

Grow up people work people make a living do they come to your job and complain about you doing yours? No they don't so get off your wanna be high horse.


Should not approach anyone at night without an appointment. Your sarcasm is unwanted and childish.

You need to grow up. You must be a Liberal.


I'm totally over these sales people coming to my house...I have posted clearly in two places no solicitors...let me make it simple...leave me alone...this is a class 3 misdemeanor and had I been home this last time, I would have called police.


All I am reading is a big baby crying on the internet. BTW if you look in to the law so much it is not a misdemeanor if you have permit. So grow up and stop crying.


Please people... stop being so ignorant!

ADT Direct Connect is the corporate promotions department for ADT. We work from 11am to 9pm....

sorry for all the inconvenience of "bothering " you at 7pm but all we do is help protect families with great deals. Scammers exist but please note Direct Connect is legit!


Whoever posted this is a ***, and most of the comments are from a bunch of ***. If you're so terrified of someone knocking on your door then how about move out of the city and to the country in the middle of nowhere or kill yourself and your family because you are useless to this world.

Your genes shouldn't be passed on as it is useless to our society. Seriously.

Wtf is wrong with you people. You watch too much Fox News or something.


Happened to me as well - tonight, two men (one young, maybe in his twenties, and one probably in his forties) came to my home at 7:30pm while I was home alone. They said they had been by earlier today and dropped off an advertisement (that was a sheet of printer paper with ADT logos and a special "new homeowners deal" on it and wanted to come inside to check what the old alarm system in this house had for the doors.

I told them to come back later this week, when my husband could talk to them. I called ADT after they left and asked if they could confirm that the men were indeed ADT employees, but was told that without a dealer number they could not.

So who knows who they were... but it was fishy.


This just happened to me this evening. Around 6PM, a man came in a blue ADT jacket and an ADT badge.

He told me there was a break in at a house two doors down from me over the weekend, and wanted to know if I had a security system or not, that they were running a promotion. I have a Brinks system installed but not activated, and have actually thought about having the system turned on. I decided to let him in, but have heard about scams on the news so I paid attention to every detail.

He looked at my keypads, contacts on my front door, etc., and decided to call his manager over from down the road, who pulled up in a white van with ADT livery all over it. It looked professional and somewhat expensive, so thought maybe these guys were the real deal.

Talking to the manager, he told me that if I just put a sign in the yard that they give me, that I would have to pay nothing up front for a whole new set-up, and that it would be 40-something a month. He asked for my wife and I's name, and our DOBs. Also asked for a previous address we've been in for 3 years or longer. I decided to give the info, as again I was already considering this before this unannounced arrival.

According to them, my credit was slightly lower than they liked for me to get this 'promotion,' and they wanted the name of someone else they could put on the front in order to get me through. I told them no, and they left but gave me a card if I could think of anyone.

Jason Brewer

Sales Representative

DCJS: 11-7900

ADT Security Services 4500 Holland Office Park, Ste 306 Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Tel: 888-320-4289 Cell: 757-270-6548 Email: They were both nice guys, but the whole thing just seemed a little weird.

A month or two ago I had two other guys come to the front door at around 9PM that were from some other security company and said they also were running a promotion trying to give out free systems in the area. This whole thing is crazy.


My husband and I received a visit from two "ADT" sales representatives last night, a man and a woman. They asked to enter our home, but we declined and spoke with them outside our home.

After they left, something didn't feel right about the situation. They left a business card with similar information:

Devin Kelly, Sales Representative DCJS: 11-7900

1137 Heatherstone Drive Fredericksburg, VA 22407

Tel: 866.362.2496 Cell: 540-455-2775 Email:


I had the same experience yesterday. I am home alone in Potomac, Md and a man with a Fredricksburg, Va address on his business card comes asking to come in and look around.

I found this disconcerting.


Had a similar but different incident with a man wearing cargo shorts and casual shirt knocking on the door asking if the system was working then left his card that had a Fredericksburg address and the same phone number you have, which is now disconnected and routed to another number. Why would he be passing off cards that have a bad number on it, except he put his first name "Steven" and his cell number in area code 540 on it.

Seems odd and seems like a scoping scam. I reported the incident to the police.


Hello. I'm Andrew with ADT Corporate and I'm sorry for this experience.

The representatives you mentioned were with a company called Direct Connect, whom which work with ADT. We will be addressing this concern with the appropriate team. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at and we'll be happy to help.

Thank you. -Andrew


If you are with corporate how do we report a convicted criminal who just got a dealership? two in fact and they are partners? ADT dealers...with their merchant accounts opened by third guys have to get it together


You are way too tolerant and forgiving. A van and a business card may be fake and I would have to be armed to even answer the door or consider letting them in.


Really isn't that a little extreme. If you live in a neighborhood where you can't answer your door without being armed you should seriously consider moving. Or stop over exaggerating and acting parnoid.


Then you're a pathetic ***

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