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ADT actually called me and I realised that I went through a subcontractor that sells ADT, called Alert security, and that they installed they system. so I asked for my installer cost and the thankfully the ADT people agreed and said they will have the other company call me to give it to me the code.

they called me and actually threatened me that if I install anything myself it will void the warranty.

HOW UNETHICAL is that,?? that should be the case if they will do installations for free and charge me double the cost of a sensor and charge another $100 to install it while I can do it in 2 minutes anyway I still got the code from them and called the ADT rep in charge of the case and told him how they threatened me so he actually told me not to worry about it cause their warranty is only 3 months while the ADT warranty super-cedes that and my warranty would be completed for a full year by ADT I appreciate the help from ADT corporate to solve this issue

Original review posted by user Dec 14, 2012

ADT WILL LOSE $6,240,000 because of ripping me off

I got the ADT security system and I had no home phone so they installed the AT&T cell system to communicate with the company and they charged me $300+ to install 7 window sensors and motion and the cheap $30 remote that they charge you $100 for. the sensors sell for $30 they charge you $70...anyway, two weeks into it I realized that I am not actually connected to the ADT system cause the cell coverage in my area for AT&T is really bad and I called AT&T and they asked me for $200 to get me a micro cell to use my internet to improve the service (another ripoff company) so I called ADT and they said they will send another technician (their technicians only know things by heart, if you ask them a technical question, they know nothing) the guy said I need to install the ADT Pulse home automation system so they can use my internet to communicate with ADT I said fine..they charged me another $150 for that HUB3000 they call it I-hub, and are using my internet now. since I paid for the hub, I thought I would add some automation lights and stuff since I am tech savvy and I install my own electric stuff, so I started ordering online and installed lights and fan switches to control from my Iphone and I pad..

I wanted to install a Z-WAVE remote (all products that control via that system use z-wave) and read online somehwere that you have to buy from ADT a touchscreen that allows you to add sensors, remote controls, cameras and anything you need. Since I own my system and I am not renting it, I thought it would be a great idea..called customer service and they said they cancelled all these adding features from the touchscreen and its not like the I phone or remote only...I said I want the price, they put me on hold for 15 minutes and kept asking me questions about how long have I been with them and all that ***,,,I said I want a price that is it, why all these questions ?? they put me on hold for another 15 minutes and I hung up at the end with no answer...

INSTALLER CODE: I found out that I need an installer code to install things through the keypad of the controller on the wall..I called the guy that sold me the system to ask for it, and he said he needs to ask the company for that and they don;t give it out but he will try,,,,I haven't heard from him for 2 weeks...

I am cancelling my service as soon as my contract is over and will sue ADT for the cost of the extra equipment I paid for that used my internet, and I can not access it to add more features..

I am paying ADT $52 per month...$52x12= $624 per year x10 years that is $6240 of loss of revenue plus about a 1000 more people who will not use ADT because of my complaints everywhere on the net, that $6,240,000

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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I have had ADT for 20 years, and I've had ADT Pulse for the last 5 years, with interior cameras for the last 4 years. I found that recently their practices have been a little less than honest.

I asked about outdoor cameras was quoted $800 by the ADT rep, then they made an appointment for a service rep to come out to review my home and see what is required. I later found out that the service rep is a subcontractor, because he quoted me $2400.

What? I'm not sure if I will continue my service with ADT.


ADT is a ripoff. I know what you mean. If you buy the equipment it's yours you should do whatever you want with it use it however you want to use it.


ADT contracts are only three years and you needed to talk to an experienced consultant


Lol you don`the have home automation at 52.99 that tier of pulse you would need would to be tier 3 at 59.99 and you don`the need an installer code to add light switches nor do you need a touch screen. You simply log into your pulse account on your computer (not the app) @ and click on system then click the big blue button that says manage devices. It's so easy especially if your really "tech savy".


There is no big blue button. There are none of the options available at for me either.

I bought a z-wave GD00Z-2 garage control for $99 at home depot and thought I'd install it myself (it involves connecting 2 wires and pairing the device by pushing a button). The directions show to go to and click on the "system" tab and then "manage devices"....well there is NO "manage devices" on the system tab or anywhere else. I call ADT and they want to send a tech out for $200 and install a hub. I told them I already have the ADT pulse hub installed....I can turn my alarm on or off from my phone...I just want to add the GD opener.


you have to pay $200 and have another device installed! It should be noted that ADT contracts out alarm companies to install their systems, so not everyoneones is going to be the same as yours and you "big blue button."


I had ADT Rep come out and the keypad he brought was so dated. He said all keypads are shut and not a touched screen ..

Protection 1 is awesome and they're not like a used car man that tries to screw people like ADT FACT !!

Do your research FOLKS !! Im saving loads of money and have updated equipment installed!


Hahahayou have no idea how this stuff works do you? You aren't getting ripped off.

Your ignorant and have no idea and your mad that brand new equipment isn't all free. It costs money. Z wave, pulse, even the cell and radio. Costs.....allot, just to keep in service.

Let alone to service.

Research other companies and compare. My service is great.


I think anyone could get upset over a new security system they don't understand. I'm sorry, but no, its not easy for just "anyone" to program.

If it was I wouldn't want it installed in my house. Call and request your tech or your rep I'm sure they'll be happy to help. Like any large corporate company it can be hard to get the right person on the phone sometimes, allot of people have ,questions. Your in a contract?

I think 100% that if you get a techs help and learn your system, (which takes time by the way) you'd agree its a good system, with good employee's. Your talking about the service like your a lowly paid tech who's jealous because adt wouldn't hire you. That's allot more than the initial information that it takes to use the system. You want to be a tech then apply.

You want to be cheap, deal with the struggle. The lack of knowledge you have is not going to make it easy. "That's why it costs money.....wait, we they waived that fee." How nice of them. Relax.

Your service will be bad if you make it that way. If you have issues lets figure them out and resolve then


ADT Pulse login always fails. I use the system to remotely activate and deactivate my alarm so people can access my home but when I can't login to disarm or to arm the system then my people can't enter the home or my home is unsecured.

When you call to report the issue ADT has you on hold forever and then its a mystery they always somehow disconnect your call. So I fill out the form online to have a tech call me and they rarely do. ADT in my opinion is not a good company, and they make it virtually impossible to move your service without having to restart to day one on your three year contract. I feel it's a dishonest business practice.

If they only treated me right, and their Pulse website didn't have so many problem I would probably be a customer for life but thank God there are other options much cheaper and no contract.


Paul wallace

do me a favour and go wipe your as s cause it seems you like to take it up the as s you fa ggot


Installer you need to know that I am a tech installer too but what I think you need is someone to install a tree up your hole dude...7eleven ? what you think I'm indian you sh it


If you have pulse 3 with ihub You have zwave controller. I install them every day. Im sure if you owned a 7eleven you wouldn't let me buy my slurpee for 10cents.lol10cents.loli


Ok bud. First the installer code isn't given so that a bugular cant access your system to change or tamper with it.

And telling you that your warranty is void if you tamper with the system isn't a threat. Every where you go there is a warning not to tamper with the item for risk of voiding a warranty. Your issue is not with ADT or the dealer. It's with yourself.

You are upset that you didn't get all the facts before signing the contract and now your stuck with it. I have a system and have for 9 years now. I have pulse 3 which is the home automation that you have and love it. Anytime something needs to be fixed ADT does so and they are very honest and prompt about it.

Long story short. If you want a system that you can service and add or remove *** nilly...go to radioshack. I wanted a worry free system that I don't have to worry about fixing or babysitting to function properly, and so I have ADT. As far as sensor price...come on thirty dollars is a price for a remote for ADT to buy.

They then sell it at a markup like every other company in America. Does it say 'ADT a not for profit company' no it doesn' don't complain when they don't treat you like a charity case and give you everything for free.

You aren't entitled to get anything for free. If you want it buy it and don't bad mouth an amazing company for charging you for something that you want.

@Paul wallace

ok buddy if you read the update, I got the code from them. thanks

@Paul wallace

Its not that they sell you the new equipment that is problem . the problem is the amount of mark up come on 300 to 1000 % thats insane honestly plus 100 or 200 for 2 minute setting it up rip off artist



Man! You are Truly a ***!

1st: You want to buy everything at Cost.

2nd: You're so smart you want to install everything.

3rd: You want to buy components online and tinker around with a Life Safety System.

I Don't work for ADT, but I feel sorry for them having you as a customer.

You posts have clearly demonstrated you know Almost Nothing about the system you're so eager to tamper with.

In Summary, You don't want anyone to make more of profit on anything above what you decide is fair and you want ADT to hold your hand and be responsible for everything at the end of the day.

I've been in the Mortgage Industry for almost 20 years and I deal with people like you all the time. People like you of course know everything about mortgages, more than me they think. Then when all of their wheeling and dealing and story telling fails them, they're the first person to jump up and call an attorney to sue.

I have never had even one State Banking Complaint, because I steer clear of your ilk and will not do business with you - cutting my losses in advance. Too bad ADT couldn't just give you your money back and send you down the road.

I think a 1,000 people will buy systems from ADT seeing how clearly you have demonstrated your ignorance.

People like you drive up the operating costs of ALL companies since they have to service the accounts of a cry-baby know-it-alls.

People like You are ANY Company's Nightmare! :(


hey Clint eastwood....*** like you need to get a life..


CLINT its amazing how Hom os and Fa gs like you need to get mind out of their fatty patty as s and mind their own business. just cause you are a simple minded hog who does not know anything about DIY attack ones who do. the guy has a point


" am paying ADT $52 per month...$52x12= $624 per year x10 years that is $6240 of loss of revenue plus about a 1000 more people who will not use ADT because of my complaints everywhere on the net, that $6,240,000 "

Yeah right 1000 people will not use them because of your complaint all over the internet. You really think you are that powerful. Most likely they will read about your problem and either not care because it did not happen to them or forget about it.

@Yeah right

as s holes like you are the reason for all the sh it in the world

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