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It is 2AM and I am awaked before the alarm goes off. This already the second time this evening!!!

I had the security alarm installed before I moved in my new home, because I want to use it to protect my home! But the first night I use the security alarm, I am awaked twice during the night!!

I find two windows do not secure earlier the day. I call the ADT but nothing can be resolved until a technician comes so I have to bypass the two windows.

Before going to sleep, I want to select “Stay”, but the “Stay” does not work! I have to select “Away”. When I select “Away”, the motion detector is supposed to sensor my motion and the alarm goes off, but it does not!! Anyway, I just want to go to sleep, so as long as the security can be armed to prevent break-in, I can live with it until the technician comes although I am not happy about it.

However, the alarm goes off twice because there are another three windows ‘sensors do not work properly. I called ADT again then I am told to bypass the windows as well.

I have to bypass 5 windows to secure the alarm!! What is the point to have a home security system??? Should the purpose of Protect Your Home be to protect your home?????

I felt I am so tripped into the ADT and there is a 3-year contract!! How can I stand three years for this!!!!

When I first called in, I was guaranteed that my home would be secured without additional charge. In fact, I was charged another $62 for the installation. The installation was started from 7/30 but was not completed until 8/1. I am supposed to have three days to cancel it but the first day was counted from 7/30. The start date should be 8/1, plus three business days, I should be able to cancel it to 8/6!! I felt that I am so tripped!!

I want to cancel ADT, who can tell me what I should do to cancel it?

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System.

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Good Afternoon, my name is Andrew and I work out of ADT's Corporate Customer Relations office. I am sorry to hear about your experience with Protect Your Home as well and would like to assist you further.

Please email us your contact information to CustomerConcerns@adt.com and we will reach out to help.

Thank you. -Andrew



We are small fish in a big sea of the corporate world of ADT who have very little care for the customer and more care about how many saps like us who get stuck in a 3 year contract and have nothing but problems. The only thing all of us can do is wage in internet war to inform the public any way we can.

Only if they are hit hard financially will they possibly become a reputable company. I say they are not reputable because of my experience with them as well. Just because the company is big doesn't make them good!!! Tell all of your friends and tell them to tell their friends.

This is the only way. I am making it my business to inform everyone everywhere I go about ADT.

It costs me almost $50 a month and don't have a secure home!!! :( :eek :sigh


I just checked the ADT website and found that they have a money-back garantee.

"ADT Money-Back Service Guarantee

If during the six months following installation we are unable to resolve any installation/service-related concern, we will refund the installation charge and/or any monitoring fees paid. Subject to the terms and conditions of the Residential Services Contract between you and ADT Security Services."



When I switched from ADT to a new company, the new company cut the wires for the ADT system. ADT never called.

I called them and asked about the status of my system. The phone monkey said everything was hunky-dory. I then informed him that the system was in a box in my garage and asked to speak to a supervisor. I got disconnected.

I finally talked to a supervisor, who told me I'd get a refund for the last few months of billing.

That was about 10 years ago. I'm still waiting.


I also have ADT system. It goes off all the time for no reason.

When it does go off in the middle of the nite, I cant even hear it. Ive had the police break in my house twice because the alarm went off at nite. They call your phones first, but again, if your cell is off and you don't hear your home phone, they eventually come. They say they are unable to make the alarm louder.

The sensors are cheap and slip off all the time.

I am sorry Im stuck in a three year plan too! :roll


ADT is terrible. I work in a 911 dispatch center and they call us multiple times a day for addresses that are not even in our town, sometimes half way across the state!

Generally they have a snotty attitude ordering us to give them the correct phone number. I am not their 411. It's consistent with them, not an isolated error. Use an alarm company that knows where the *** you live!

And even worse, if we give them the correct information and tell them to correct their records, they call us back 30 min later for a "status" on the call! You pay good $$ for an alarm company, DON'T USE ADT.



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