I was a customer with ADT for 10 years before deciding to cancel my service on Dec.

10th 2015. On that day i called the ADT customer support to cancel and was told that i would actually be receiving a refund. Simple and no hassle as one would expect right.... Wrong, On Jan.

1, 2016 I looked at my account and noticed that ADT had charged my normal monthly fee. I immediately called ADT customer support and once I finally was connected to someone I explained that I had cancelled my account on Dec 10th and they agreed that those notes were on my account and that should be receiving a partial refund in the amount of $31.00 (same amount that I was told previously) I questioned why I was only receiving $31 and not a full refund plus the $31 from the previous month. They person became rude and short with this question. I asked him how he could guarantee that this will finally cancel my account and he stated that I could call back and talk to anyone else and I would get the same answer.

I didn't have time to ague and said I will accept the partial refund if he will just make sure that the account is actually cancelled this time. Well, I just looked at my CC account and not only was I charged again but this time I was charged DOUBLE!!

I am going to try again tomorrow... If anyone has had a similar experience and was successful with cancelling account any insight would be helpful.

To anyone reading this thinking that ADT might be right for them...STAY AWAY.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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We canceled Jan 24 and was charged for February. Was told a week ago we would receive refund.

Called today and was told no refund would be given and another small charge was coming because of billing period overlap.

No ethics.


Dispute the charges with your bank, you should be able to get refunded.

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