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I would never, ever sign up with ADT again. Not if I were promised it would add another 5 years to my life. Not only was I given the contract and told it was a 24-month contract (turns out it was 36 months), but I was told repeatedly by every. Single. Customer. Service. Representative. that it was a 24-month contract.

Then the re-installation horror began. My system was initially installed by ADT in 2002; I divorced and the account was switched over to me in 2008. It took three tries for ADT to get a service tech over to the house to effect the transfer.

I paid for a year in advance in October of 2008. In January of 2009 I started receiving calls from ADT's collection department, telling me I owed them for October, November, and December of 2008. I explained that I had paid for a year's worth of monitoring and was told it was applied to the 2009 calendar year, so I was to please pay the 90-ish dollars for 2008.

The customer service representative finally agreed that it was ADT's error that my account had not been credited properly, and I was assured the matter was taken care of.

I received an identical call in March.

Then another one in April, fully six months after I had paid for a year's worth of monitoring. That call finally straightened it out. But I'm done. It's just been a nightmare from beginning to end.

I want to cancel, but apparently I have another year so to terminate early I'd have to pay an entire year's monitoring as an "early termination fee". My parents' alarm went off and it took ADT personnel 20 minutes (while the alarm was blaring) to call the police. Their alarm system was communicating with the company just fine, because they had phone records of ADT's attempts to contact them nearly 20 minutes before they contacted law enforcement (which they didn't do until they called every other number on the list -- nice cushion for crooks there!).

I am thoroughly disgusted with ADT. I don't see that I have any recourse with this additional year on my contract, but I am sorely tempted to just throw them their early termination fee and stop monitoring (even though I will have essentially paid for it) just so I can finally breathe easily again, as a non-ADT customer.

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I was told by ADT that my contract was a year long after I told them that I only had a one year lease on my house. (college student) They are now calling to tell me i owe 75% of the remaining balance, over $600.

I'm thinking about suing them under the Misrepresentation Act citing Gordon V Selico. I may also go after their their collections department citing FDCPA rules 1)abusive language 2)failure of collector to give full name as required 3) failure to notify of right to dispute debt.

ADT is ridiculous and they should not be trusted. STAY AWAY


Oh believe me, I did. We're canceled, and I can't begin to tell you how happy I am.

I will NEVER use ADT's services again. I'll sit up every night and guard my own door if that's the only alternative.


ADT/Secure Watch/ etc. etc.

all suck! Once you sign their totally one-sided contract you are stuck--totally a no-customer service company.

They are only after your money. Make sure you know the exact day you can cancel your contract and send them a certified letter cancelling!

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