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Getting away from Brinks/Broadview/ADT is like trying to get away from the mob. I was misled when I signed up with Brinks several years ago. I fulfilled the monitoring contract and was under the impression that once that expired that I would be under a month to month contract and could discontinue any time. I suppose that is technically true, but what was unknown to me, in the fine print there is an "automatic renewal" which, even though I am month to month, I am still obigated for another year. So even if I discontinue service, they say I am still on the hook for the rest of the year, or 10 more months at this point.

Additionally, they told me I would own the equipment, but when they come to disconnect the monitoring, they will also disconnect the alarm sound, so don't be like me and assume that just because you own the equipment that the alarm will still sound once you discontinue the monitoring part. I will never do business with ADT in the future. I will not pay the remaining 10 months and so I guess my credit will take a hit or else I\'ll see them in court. I don't know if the security system kept crooks out of my house, but by dealing with ADT I feel like I have been robbed nonetheless.

My credit will probably take a hit when I don't pay the remaining 10 months of "automatic renewal." Maybe I'll be sued and have to go to court.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System.

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ADT is not perfect but if you speak to the right person they will solve your problem rather quickly.

For rebates Deals Specials and or billing and technical problem I use this number normally a supervisor will help you 1888-720-5982 mon thru friday 8am to 11pm saturday 9am to 10am sunday 10am to 6pm @ eastern time hope this helps you all. I use this number for additional credit and tech issues.


I signed a 3 year contract with Brinks in December 2005 it ended in 2008. They automatically renew your contract for another year.

You need to let them know, if not you are stuck. It became Broadview Security, and then it was bought out by ADT. I have called many times, but received different answers. The first time I called, they told me that I would have to pay them until August 2011, which I was fine with that.

The last called I made, they said that I can cancel services, but I am stuck with the contract that I signed in 2005, until DECEMBER 2011. In other words, I will be paying them for nothing. I understand that I was in a contract but that contract was signed in 2005 with brinks. I was worried about getting burglarized, but BRINKS/BRoadview/ADT are the REAL CROOKS.

...This system is so outdated that a burglar all has to do is cut the phone line and all is left is bells and whistles. So unfair and I wouldn’t’ be surprised if this is legal. But because it is legal it does not make it right. I can’t believe that automatic ONE year contracts are acceptable in this country.

They should be illegal! I have fulfilled my 3 year contract in 2008……


Did the same to me. What's worse, we called to cancel since we're selling the house and "Troy" lied to us that he was canceling the service as we spoke.

One month later, another bill came for the full year of monitoring. After one hour on the phone with four different CS reps, one supposedly a supervisor, it was "pay up or go to collections!"

Put it in the hands of my attorney.

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