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For all the good opinions, just wait till you want to cancel…

I signed up for ADT when I moved into my new house 4 yrs ago. I already had the security systems installed and I called them asked for monitoring service.

The sales rep came in and signed me for 3 yrs for 34.99/month. He never once mentioned it was a three year contract. I just bought the house and didn't read the fine print carefully...

After a year when I tried to cancel, they told me it's a 3-yr contract and basically told me I deserved it. Not only that, they raised rate on me and told me although I was bound by the contract, the fine prints said they could raise rates any time they wanted.

At last, 3-yr passed and I tried to cancel, they immediately lower the rate to 19.99/month without contract on month-by-month basis, I said OK - big mistake.

After 11 months I tried to cancel again, the representative was very rude and said I was under contract, I said no and he demanded proof. I said you guys told me on the phone last year...

After very lengthy conversation, they finally gave in... but as a FAVOR to me!

It's a terrible experience, they were very nice to sign you up, once you are on the hook, they would try anything and everything to squeeze you... unbelievable practice

I'll never deal with the company again

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you guys need to read the contract, plain and simple...everything is in there. every company has a contract if you are getting something for free, some contracts are better than others.


ADT is not perfect but if you speak to the right person they will solve your problem rather quickly.

For rebates Deals Specials and or billing and technical problem I use this number normally a supervisor will help you 1888-720-5982 mon thru friday 8am to 11pm saturday 9am to 10am sunday 10am to 6pm @ eastern time hope this helps you all. I use this number for additional credit and tech issues.


I built an addition on my home. Cable, energy, you name it, come out and provide service to reroute their lines, etc for free.

I call ADT to move one door sensor: cost -- $120 for each half hour (31 minutes equals $240). I watched these snails when they installed -- so I figure I'm looking at about a $1000 to move the sensor from one door to the new one.

Absolutely hate these pusillanimous pukes. Shopped around and found Protect America -- installed the system myself (real easy to do -- they walk you through it over the phone)and the monthly fee is half what I was paying at ADT.


I just received a call from a girl who sounded like she was in distress and had bad cell service and it cut off after 10 seconds. Like anyone else I called the number back to see who it was and if everything was ok.

Well it answered by an electronic answering service with an ADT sales promotion. Really.... Has a company like ADT which we trust to protect our home and family stooped so low that they resort to such unprofessional marketing tactics to get customers on the phone? Unreal.

I am not a customer but I did call and talk to them about this which ended up in a bunch of finger pointing and people playing dumb.

They were very uncooperative and I was being very nice and simple with them. NEVER USE ADT!


I wanted to change my payment date to an earlier date and they will not allow me to do that even though they will be getting paid earlier... Because of this I go in the Negative each month because of them because we live pay check to pay check...


I pulled up on a buglary in progress at my house. After being scared out of my mind and talking to the police i called ADT to see why had i not be notified that my alarm was going off.

They told me that they had called me and left a voice mail i know i had not recieved such a phone call. Finally we got to the bottom of it the tech entered my cell phone number into the system wrong. On my orginal contract my right number was written down. So i said because of you i had to pull of to my house being robbed when all you had to do was call me adn alert me but you could not do that.

All they said was sorry and that they would give me a few months free. I told them i no longer wanted to do service with them and they told me i had a three year contract that could not be broken.

I just could not believe my ears what these people where telling me. Any thing could have happened to me and they dont even care as long as they get your money.


Never let ADT into your home! They are like the Soprano's - once they get in you'll never get them out.

My system has not worked from the first day. I have tried every number I could find to resolve the problem but once installed, no-one at ADT will speak to you. After the system was installed my home was robbed, a neighbor told me she saw a person leaving my property on the day of the robbery - she described to a "T" one of the ADT tech's. The electrician from ADT "had" to perform some electrical work to install the system, since that day my lights and all appliances go dim and brighten on a regular basis - I worry every that I'll come home to a house burnt to the ground.

My case has been turned over to a collections agency after months of them NOT talking to me...SCREW THEM! I will never of my own free will pay these blood suckers, my sense of injustice will not allow it.

ADT and the MOB are one in the same...DON'T OPEN THE DOOR FOR THEM! YOU'LL BE SORRY!


Hello there,

I am a Corpsman (combat medic) deploying as a combat replacement to Afghanistan with 3rd Battalion 5th Marines. I found out less than 7 days ago that I was deploying. As you could assume- preparing everything in less than a week has been a nightmare. Fortunately, everything from gym memberships to cell phone bills to even car insurance has been easy to cancel- due to the service members civil relief act and just the companies understanding my situation. With one phone call each I have been able to cancel these contracts-helping me prepare for this trip much more easily.

Elite/ ADT have been the only people to give me a terrible time. They absolutely refuse release me from the contract- have refused to work with me at all. Most companies release us from contracts when we deploy because of the danger of being killed out there. They do not want to have to have the family deal with canceling contracts when they are dealing with a funeral. Even if there were no laws helping us- most Americans would do this as a simple courtesy. When I asked the manager, Ben at the Temecula CA office (888)729-3548 what would happen if I didn't come back he said payments would continue until my mom faxed "proof of my death". This company wants my mother to fax proof of her son's death to get me out of their contract!

I told Ben and the rest of the people at Elite on Wednesday 12Jan2011 that had ONE day off to see my family (Thursday) that was all I had- one day to see them- I was going to drive home to see them before I deployed and if they wouldn't release me from my contract I would have to spend that one day at legal. They said that wasn't their problem- so I deploy in 12 hours to Afghanistan and I have not and will not have a chance to say good bye to my family. I know this sounds corny but this is just ridiculous through and through. I am writing you and every paper I can think of to hopefully get this story public. Companies like this should not be operating in the absolutely beautiful country we love. Thank you very much for your time

Doc Ramos


Total liars, I agree. Charged me and SENT my account to Collections for moving to another apt.

This is after I called and clarified with Customer Service 2 TIMES. Will never do business with them again.


Many of the early termination charges on these types of contracts are being challenged and reversed - mainly because of the tendency of salespeople to state it's only a payment equal to 3 months of payments to cancel early - the owner believes the believable salesperson they want to trust and sign the contract and go from there... the question is whether the agreement will hold up in court. Most people are bullied one way or another into making the early termination payment.

ADT should do like insurance companies and lay the "chargeback"(early termination charge) onto the salesperson - the salesperson is less likely to downplay the importance of early termination if they have to pay the charge. Insurance have to pay a "chargeback" if an insurance policy is cancelled within 3 years of the sale - this is mainly driven by commission earnings and paying back to the company what the agent did not earn...

Oh by the way - I am in the middle of a battle with ADT - they wouldn't even resolve the issue after I asked for help through the Better Business Bureau.



Very frustated about your services. This is the WORSE COMPANY IN THE UNITED STATES. False advertisement!


Why would your company misrepresent it's product to secure business? I want to cancel my contract and if I have to pay the fees to get out I will.

Just think I was willing to share your company with our 10,000 congregation for business. But when I was charged the wrong amount of $44.99 vs. $34.99 as VERBALLY AGREED upon.

I would not mentioned ADT to my enemy. This WORSE COMPANY IN THE WORLD.


John B. Koch, President

Are you aware that your customers are treated unprofessionally.

I purchased your equipped (and I wished that I would have looked at these warning messages first) for my daughter and was glad to have the equipment installed. To my dismay, I'm being charged $44.99 (bundled package) that I DID NOT AGREE TO inclusive of protection package. I specifically told the representative when I agreed VERBALLY on the phone to $34.99.

THIS IS THE WORSE COMPANY in the United States. I've converse with Vanessa, Jeff (pretending that he was a manager) and no HELP.


Dude, they're not liars. You're just irresponsible in not reading a contract before you sign it.

You think after $99 and one year of monitoring (Totaling $519) was going to pay for the whole alarm system?! We live in a world of contracts (like cellphones) that help afford the product and services in the front end. Your argument is weak. Learn to read before you sign things.

If you don't know how to read, there are community colleges that have remedial reading programs.

By the way, you misspelled "liar." I wonder what interest rate you got your mortgage at? I'm sure you didn't read that too.

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