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I called ADT to inquire about possible monitoring services. I did not get the guys name.

He wanted to run a credit check on me and asked for my ss# I advised him that because I had been a victim of identity theft I do not give my number about. He then asked me for my date of birth. I gave him the date of birth and he then told me what my credit score was and stated I should get the system in some one else name.

I asked him how and why he run my credit and he stated giving him my date of birth was like giving him permission to run my credit. *** ADT!!

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ADT is a bunch of *** *** They got the DOB and ran a credit report. Very deceptive.


ADT Corporate does not ask for ones social security number on their agreement documentation. There are independent Authorized Dealers that will install ADT equipment and call themselves ADT.

However, they are not employees of ADT and they will ask you for your personal information. Again they do not work for ADT they are Authorized Dealers.


ADT does NOT ask for your SSN. They DO NOT pull your credit.

Authorized Dealers ask for your SSN and pull your credit because they actually shop it around for monitoring. They say you get equipment for free or $99 as they make their money off of the monitoring contract.

If you called the number off of a coupon you received in the newspaper or Valpak - that is a Dealer not actually ADT.


Yes they do ask for your SS# and they run a credit check I know because I was working there in the sales department.


Their are two types of credit checks, a hard check and a soft check. Hard checks require a SSN, and pull your credit report.

It also gets reported on your credit score. A soft check only requires a name and DOB.

It only gives a credit score (or a simple "pass Fail") Soft checks don't show up on your credit score. Sales man shoulda told you what he was doing with your DOB tho!

Ben t

I very much doubt this was ADT. You shouldn't give ANY info to random people that's common sense.

NO ONE at ADT would ever need or ask for your birthday.

But while you're giving out info maybe I should get your credit card info, you know, just for safe keeping? With consumers like you, you really keep the identity theft schemes healthy.

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