Bronx, New York

This company's services is horrible they lie and lie please before you sign anything read it and trust me they don't care to serve you, once you have a contract with them they will treat you like *** and hang up on you lie to you and they would not accommodate in any way. I wish there was something that i could do so they would stop doing this to people but there is not he may help.....

I if someone knows any number any information please let me know we all have to complaint. now I'm stuck with acompany that tricks people and lie.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Installation.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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If it is a feeling of security for your family and home that you seek, look elsewhere than ADT. If you pay for home monitoring, you might as well flush your hard earned money down the toilet each month.

IN the event your alarm goes off, ADT will NOT call your home, mcu less the police until far too much time transpires for their call to be of any real value. The system itself has a built-in delay of about 45 seconds before it even sends a signal to the ADT monitors. After the alert appears on the screen of the monitor, they will then wait two minutes to see if you enter your code (better hope it isn't a home invasion with a gun held to your childs head) after which ADT will finally take action - too much time transpired! If you are being held hostage and unable to answer the ADT call nearly three minutes after your alarm first sounded, then ADT will call - not the police - but your non-residence emergency contact number next!

After wasting more time in an effort to not inconvenience the police with a possible false alarm, at least five minutes after the initial alarm ADT will contact your local police - who will then treat your emergency with a low priority and then have to wait for TWO police cars to be avaialble and in position before they approach your home: hope they remebered to bring along the yellow crime scen tape and the cheir chalk to outline to bodies of you and your family members.

BEst bet for home security? Smith and Wesson.


I responded to a advertisement about free equipment with ADT contract. The installer told us the free equipment is just basic setup and he could not quote additional equipment until he installed basic system because pricing comes from ADT.

After install of basic system he quoted us prices not ADT, he lied. After spending $4,000.00 to Protect your Home the installer left and I wondered if system even worked, I performed a self test and found out that most the system was not working. I spoke with a manager at Protect your home who promised me the world and credits, which we never seen. The tech came back and left only to find out a couple days later the system was accidentally tripped and ADT never called us.

We called ADT and found out we are not connected to the monitoring station, I called ADT and Protect your home only to be disconnected by each and when I did get through I received a message machine and never received a return call from ADT and Protect your home returned a call 5 days later.

We have never and still don't have a security system but we have spent $4,000.00 dollars. DO NOT USE ADT !!!!!!!!!!!!


I have service with ADT but the cellular tower almost never works. A technician has come to my house at least 3 times and still I get no signal.

I called ADT to cancel and they want to charge me early cancellation fee even though it is not my problem that the cellular tower is not connecting. I called on 9/28/11 to cancel and they canceled my service on 10/28/11 stating that I have to cancel 30 days in advance. They are a rif-off.

They want me to pay for something that is not working. I am not protected and I don't want to pay for it!


ADt sucks don't sign up for this service.


I agree, if you are looking for security don't just go off of the name. There are a lot of alarm companies who live and work where you do and handle it all from your city.

ADT is such a corrupt company and if it wasn't for all the money they make off of all these mom and pop shops selling all their accounts to them they would be out of business. They are a monopoly in a sense and it should be stopped.

I too was dooped by ADT. They get you hooked in and God forbid you ever need help or need to talk to someone and if you do, they will be rude and or just hang up on you.


Nena11.... I am sorry you got taken by this unethical lying company.

if you have read all the comments,you are probably aware you are not the only one that feels that way. i tried complaing to them and was hung up on several times not only by agents but,by a mgr. as well! Unfortunately, about the only thing you can do is what i did...

file a complaint with your consumer affairs office and better business your local tv station and, if they have a consumer reporter advise them of the way this company does business! Tell all your friends as well.....

and spread the word on as many sites as possible! i wish everyone who has been taken by this company the best of luck!

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