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I signed the contract with ADT security systems and this did not last for 2 weeks. It worked for 3 days and I called them to fix the machine.

It took them so many days to come to fix. The gentlemen who came opened the machine and was full of bugs. I told them, this is not going to work because I have bugs in my house and it looks their machine is not strong enough to protect me and my family from bugs. He took the machine with him and now ADT is suing me for $1400 and making threats to tarnish my credit.

I paid $204.32 for the whole installation and I did not get my money back. Help me on this one.

I cannot pay all that much for no services because of putting a signature on a piece of paper. I am a single mom with five children, where will I get that money from?

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Installation.

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ADT is terrible and it is awful that they can do what ever they want and nothing happens. There are numerous of the same complaints about ADT Defender being deceptive/liers/forging signatures and down right bullying people into keeping their terrible service. If there is anyone out there willing to take them on please contact me via email


Yes ADT sent me a final bill of $1090 when I cancelled their terrible service all to not even a year later threaten to sue me for $1593!


Does not surprise me they told my mother they had run the system on a separate circuit independently which was a lie they in fact defeated a saftey switch, and rewired my electricity to accommodate their non-grounded fire Hazzard of a system. If her house burns down I'm sure they will be hearing from her insurance company. That's not to mention the fact that they told her they were installing a camera to moniter her because she has Ms mobility issues which is nothing more than a motion detector.this is just a couple of complaints there are plenty of other ones.


ADT is the biggest rip off I have ever seen, they were charging me even though the house did not have a land line and that was required for the system to work. I hope they get more class action law suits and go out of business. they customer service is the worst I have ever seen.


In Jesus's name no-one needs security from these companies. God takes care of us in all ways.

Just believe and will be protected. Amen!


Jerry Brown is a loser and his life is evil. A *** crook and makes money by swindling people, a thief.

I don't want to any *** ADT in my life.

I have moved on with my life without ADT. I have learned my lessons.


I have no more comments to ADT. I paid that money $1400 because Jerry took my name to the creditors.

So, I lost my money and it hurts me so much.

I don't want to see anyone from ADT. I'm an honest person and have important things to do and everything I do G of is control!


I have had problems with ADT as well. The customer service sucks and I was assaulted and pressed my panic button outside my home and ADT failed to contact the police.

Now I want out of my contract since they failed to protect me like they "claim" I have court paperwork and my phone records showing the many times I called ADT. I was hung up on by a few customer service reps on different days, and I refuse to pay them an ETF there is a lawsuit going on against ADT and I plan on joining. I wrote on Facebook about one of my experiences under adts page and they removed it either way I'm an Iraqi vet that is why I got ADT to feel safe, after my assault on July 3,2015 I feel like I'm back in Iraq again... THANKS ADT FOR MAKING ME GO BACK TO A PERSON I WAS TRYING TO FORGET!



Good Afternoon, my name is Andrew and I work out of ADT's Corporate Customer Relations office. I am sorry for the inconvenience and amount of frustration this concern has caused and would like to assist you further.

Please email us your contact information to and we will reach out to help.

Thank you. -Andrew


My contacts are and my account # is 303377. Today is the last day of negotiating according to Jerry Brown.If you can help me that will be great and well appreciated.Thanks.



jerry brown is a complete *** !


If the system has been removed from site - legally they cannot hold you to contract as they are not providing you with a service. Ensure you speak to the local sales and install managers to come to a resolution.

It's possible that one department may have missed communicating to the other that the system has been removed - therefore causing Accounts Receivables to send you to collections for an unpaid balance.

There's no point in getting all worked up over this - you just need to work with the company calmly and clearly and they'll make things right.

In ADT's defense, the system malfunctioned because of insects that were in your home that infested the system - honestly, that is your problem...ADT did the right thing by removing the system...


The query is I don't need to pay them $1400 for no service at all.They got their systems off and I was not protected by them in any where.Thanks for the response, I am still talking to them about the issue.

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