Honolulu, Hawaii

My ADT security panel was dysfunctional from day one. Phone calls to the co.

for service were always at least an hour long cause they would transfer me repeatedly then finally disconnect. Two service techs came out and I had to battle with the co. to get them to repair the unit without cost. this battle involved again, multiple calls for hours and several letters written.

They don't respond to either, you just have to call and call and call. the key fob didn't work either. I was told by customer svc "That's how they all arer, you have to open it and take a screwdriver...". so basically they said "fix it yourself".

One night the alarm went off due to a strong wind and I thought a burglar was in the house at 3:00 a.m. Scaaary!! then another time the silent alarm went off due to a misentered code (not even close to the silent alarm code). After I left the house the police came and I was charged for a false alarm.

That took months, three letters and countless phone calls to dispute and get a refund. Finally my rental house was sold and i had to move. No longer needing the alarm system I requested out of the contract . Again i wrote letters to the presidential group and explained about the horrendous service and the fact that i didn't need the alarm any longer.

The most they did was to reduce the charge from $500.00 to $400.00 for cancelling the service 1 yr. early.

The contract is so tight there's not a loophole to squeeze out of .Even Ccomcast will gladly let it's customers out of the contract with a polite request! do not, I repeat DO NOT sign up with ADT or you'll be writing another horrible review sonn too!

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System.

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