Wakefield-Peacedale, Rhode Island
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I arranged to use ADT home security for our home. I explained to the sales people what I needed. They told me that they could do it with all the frills and so on. Charged my credit card $99.00 and when the technician came he said there is no way it can be done this way. Called the ADT sales rep, Supervisor, his supervisor and they told me to go somewhere else.

In the mean time I had told a local Security company that he lost the contract to ADT. The poor contractor was upset and frustrated because he spent 90 mins with me consulting me and didnt charge me a dime. After my experience with ADT, I called the contractor and said the job is yours. ADT was arrogant and RUDE ! !! I am at your mercy please help me. The contractor said I will be there Monday morning to help you. Company's name is Engineered Security Systems in Rhode Island.

ADT has poorly trained sales people who will say yes just to commit you to buy their product. Scale 1-10. Negative 10. The supervisors were oblivious to the commitment of what the sales people had told me and didn't care whether I was a customer or not. They lost a $3000 contract but they don't care. If we can get enough upset customers to complain on these reviews, maybe some exec will get fired and take 10 of these idiots with him or her.

Einstein said there is a limit to genius but no limit to ***. Welcome to ADT ! ! !

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I am a sales rep for ADT on behalf of the ADT family i am so sorry for your bad experience.I work for a local dealer here in Alabama and this is definitely not how be do business here. We pride ourselves on great customer service guess that's not how it is in Rhode Island.

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