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i have a business, and i chose ADT simply because the previous owner of the premises had ADT installed. right the instant of the alarm system installation you realize you're entrapped for a useless service and a contract that will suck your blood out.

the ugliest part is the meaningless ripoff not for one year but for FIVE long years. and the term of the contract is written is tiny letters on the back of the contract. the monthly installment was $37.99. after few months they raise the price to $39.99 and they write in tiny letters that if you do not approve of this increase in price you have 30 days to call and object but not to cancel. which further proves to me, if they were righteous to raise their price why would they allow customers to object- they should at least say if you don't like the price increase you can cancel your service, but they know for sure everyone would cancel their service with ADT so they play this cheap game. the first time i fell in the trap, i didn't pay attention to that objection part and i ended up paying a higher rate. few months later one more time they try to raise the price to $41.99, this time i got so pissed off i called them to complain about it and the lady simply said "you're allowed to refuse the rate increase" which drove me even angrier.

i hate to deal with unprofessional companies who treat their customers with the intention to rip them off, that's unethical and disrespectful.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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We just moved and the crazy couple before us had ADT... We thought it would be safe and great for our house but then the alarm started going crazy for no reason.

We called a guy to come in and he didn't do anything about and we still had to pay him $200. So we call them again and change the topic about an offer.

What kind of company would do this. ADT IS THE WORST!


Check out Safexone.com - they have the best equipment and software interfaces on the market. They answer the phone if I have questions and they did a great job training us on the home automation products. I highly recommend them.


Worst service ever, will never use ADT again - EVER.


I had an ADT Pulse system with cameras and automation, so far it has been prett good. The only problems the service tech's are learning the new system and the cameras for residential system have cruddy resolution.

The monthly monitoring is a little steep, but they have repaired lightning damage free of charge.

I will upgrade the cameras in the future and add some other automation toys. So far no regrets and it's pretty cool being hundreds of miles from home seeing live feed and playing with the automation toys.


You should pay attention to if it's actual corporate adt techs or authorized dealers. Most complaints come towards dealers but nobody feels the need to post that..And for the wall mount all in one system, if you have a cell back up inside, it stays attached as does the battery, so they are still responding..Dealers don't have the same guidelines adt techs do..Nor do they have the same experience...And for the ex tech complaining, shame on you...Reason why, if you felt the system you were installing was not right or cheap, you should of put your two week notice in...Yes the monthly is high, but why do you think? REPUTATION...ADT is the biggest in the world so put 1 and 2 together..Most of us came in to ADT in the 90's and still here...Some love it and some hate it...I always make sure a customer is happy and if there overcharged I will credit them or give them something to replace the overcharge...Some techs bend backwards for customers...

Ben t

So just to clarify your actual complaint is that you were too lazy to read the "tiny" writing or even ask a question like how long is this contract term that I AM SIGNING? Maybe the number one question after how much?

And what if I cancel or move? Where is the responsibility of a consumer here? You admit the term length was there on the contract you signed, that you just chose not to read....Same thing increasing the monthly fee, which again is on the contract YOU signed. Yes I know the writing is small, as in side effects of medication or insurance information or as inANYTHING these days.

I'm surprised you were shocked there was fine print but less surprised your dumb enough to get mad over not knowing what it said AFTER you signed it. Chances are you "mad" at a company which followed government guidelines of a customer contract opposed to actually reading and being responsible for signing something you didn't read.

That makes a lot of sense! Ignorance doesn't seem to be that bliss now,

@Ben t

Sounds like a good attorney come back ! Your right, he should have read the fine print on the contract and fully understood it before he signed it...

But, simply put he didn't for whatever reason and now should shoulder the blame for not doing it ? Maybe !


ADT customers,If you have a wall mount system installed, everything,siren, control pad, backup power all in the same unit mounted by your entrance/exit door and I was a intruder, which I am not, and I knew this all I would have to do is break in to that door where it is located. Since it has a 30 second delay, I would rip it off the wall.

No time to commucicate with ADT. I'm in your house.

No detection. Check with your local Alarm Co.


Anyone who has these "all in one" systems is crazy, however most customers don't fully understand what they have. These are used primarily as super quick installed, stick on the wall, plug in phone and power, stick a couple door contacts on with 3M tape, grab the signed contract for 3 years, and not forget the MONEY !

Quick "stick and grab" operation and thousands of alarm companies make tons on money monthly doing this operation ...

These systems are constantly defeated, just pull off the wall or simply unplug the phone and smash it with a hammer.. Some actually have cellular service, so you just tear off the wall and dunk into a sink of water before the siren goes off, it does a great job quieting the cellular transmission fast .. These "sick on" systems are worthless when not installed correctly - - using these should be with the main control hidden out of reach, wireless keyfob controlled entirely, and of course cellular communication with no time entry delay..

But in the real world, most of these alarm installers are minimum waged, undertrained in installing or told to install as per instructed by salesman (another untrained joke) or cycled through the alarm companies until they find better work..

In any event, this doesn't give the customer the best installed security system and probably not the best protection required for them..


ADT is a protection company. You pay them for protection from ADT.

Please don't ever consider using them for security.

You will be sorry. I just wish I had read these reviews ( and pages and pages of others) before I fell for this scam.


Its a 3 year contract. Its amazing how many people complain over a $1500 contract. If you agree to pay for something, pay for it.


It isn't the contract which is the sticking point with most ADT transactions, it's the customer service which comes at the high price of the ADT contract.. Most people have various issues with their installed security system (the Pulse comes to mind) the various devices or components do not work as they should or not at all, service calls cost more money, repairs required cost more money, added accessories cost more money, etc..

etc.. Granted with any service call for added features from any company there are charges, nobody does or gives anything for free..

But these people that have signed this overpriced ($45.00 a month is redicious) contract now are expecting everything related to their system to be free - it's not right but it's true .. There are always added expenses with anything you buy period and security systems are the same way - so the *** is with the high priced monitoring contract which they signed !


Do not sign on for automatic debts from your bank account. I canceled ADT over 2 months ago and they keep on taking money from my account.

ADT claims that they never received a cancellation notice despite my repeated attempts to cancel their service. Their customer service is horrible, not a word of apology.


Never, give ADT or any service direct access to your checking account ! Dumbest thing ever done by customers is providing this information to some service with authorization to charge their account for bill paying !

The banks indicate that once this process is done and anything goes wrong (and it usually does) it's a nightmare to stop it and may and usually requires shutting off the account and opening a new account (very costly to you) to finally prevent it !! Do not give out banking information with automatic billing !


Hoping to save someone else from the nightmare I endured dealing with ADT. My system constantly woke me at 3am , constantly sent out trouble signals, basically never worked.When I called to cancel was treated like dirt and told I would be billed for entire remainder of my contract. NEVER DEAL WITH ADT THEY ARE A SCAM, BEWARE!!!!


It sounds like your system wasn't installed correctly and therefore you are having issues now, ADT has some incompetent installers and therefore many systems are not installed right and false off from time to time.. I would call in another company to correct the issues and therefore get a good nites sleep, the *** with ADT and their customer service issues !


Transferring servvice? they were nice.

I suddenly changed my mind and was put on hold for 10 minutes to a less than friendly rep. I was hit with a concellation fee. It was only for a couple months and chuckled when I said no problem to pay that.

she rushed through her required confirmation and hung up on me. GOOD BYE ADT!


I am a Small Business Security Rep at ADT, and I have to agree with with all comments above. I cannot wait to find something better to quit this awful company.


ADT is horrible,the worst. i feel they have no moral standing,only money,money, get you to sign and then forget you.

Especially the dealer in Cape Coral/FT Myers area George Haze/Jennifer. I co-signed for a family member, right away they had problems with their system right away, no one ever came out...then a year later they send another bill and are calling saying they are going to send us to court and its 3600.00. These people have never come out then lie and say they never got a service call. Now lets talk about my system, since i got it 1year also they have the worst customer service and every time you call they say a part or service call is not included in the contract when it is and you have to argue with them.

All I can tell you they are the worst i ever had. I had protection one before for 15 years and never had this problem but i cant pay to get a new service equipment it costs to much.


ADT Security is a joke! And a ripoff too!

I know because I worked for them for almost 2 years as a commercial and residential service engineer in Arizona.

I designed, installed and tested technical security systems at US embassies and consulates before I retired from the USG and went to work for ADT. I am an electronic engineer and had specialized USG training in all aspects of technical security. I did military communications systems engineering for 23 years prior to working in security.

When ADT hired me, they promised 30 days of training and I got nothing! They also said I would earn $75k but it was less than half that amount. And ADT managers, who knew nothing about security, expected and demanded that service personnel do at least 7 service calls per day, regardless of the complexity of the problem. Service crews were sent out with no parts and often had to call other service personnel to see if they were nearby and had the part needed.

ADT installs alarm systems that do not work and when a burglary does happen, they tell the customer ADT is not liable since the customer did not test his alarm system monthly as they are supposed to do.

Most homeowners would not even know if their system was communicating or not with ADTs monitors (they either have a communication link over a telephone circuit or a wireless connection via a cell radio transmitter). I personally saw situations where the system was installed and not working properly and the customer had been paying for months or up to a year without knowing it.

Yet despite all the shortcomings, ADT sees fit to charge $30-40 a month for a false sense of security - it's all about profit and little to do with customer service and satisfaction.

And ADT has no installation standards, installer training, or spare parts on service trucks. I was sent to one customer’s home which was about a 1 hour ride away; when I arrived he needed a few standard 1.5 volt batteries and I had none on my truck. I had to drive to the nearest Ace hardware and buy them using my own money. At other residences, I found the heavy alarm panel mounted with only drywall screws (it was falling off the wall), exposed conductors on wires, panels installed upside down, and sensors that had been installed days ago falling off.

ADT sales reps know little about security principles and how to design a proper alarm system. They advertize the $99 special, which is OK for a studio apartment at best, and then use the bait and switch scam to get the customer to shell out $1000 or more for an “expanded” home alarm system. Sales reps are out to maximize the total sale dollar amount since they get paid on commission.

And ADT will take over any system ever installed by anyone else, as long as the customer pays the $30-40 monthly fee. Then ADT will not have trained personnel or parts to support these odd ball systems when they do fail.

Buyer beware! It is a known fact that a big guard dog is a better deterrent for burglary! And keep in mind that a critical factor for any alarm system is the time it takes for police to respond to the alarm– if you are in a remote location and it takes 30 minutes for police to get there, burglars have this much time to crash and grab.

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