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OK, 2001, had a custom home built, had Ranger or American, either or both Bought out by ADT, they Bought a "bunch of smaller co's and then screwed THE EMPLOYEES, the ones who HAD the Experience and Knowledge and KNOW HOW to work on These SYSTEMS and Service THOSE CLIENTS who had NO CHOICE to GO with ADT who BTW Sucked then and SUCK WORSE now in 2012!! I have Bought and paid for Numerous security systems, paid for over 10+ years without EVER missing a payment or even being LATE ON ANY PAYMENTS...but it was Obvious Way back then when we were at THAT time Forced to GO WITH ADT due to them "BUYING the co we were with!" and realizing how INCOMPETENT they were, how rude and totally UNKNOWLEDGABLE they were with ANY Security SYSTEMS since all they DO IS BUY OUT EXISTING CO'S and THEN Proceed to either go up on these now "clients" and also they can NEVER SERVICE these "clients/customers" all they do is go in, buy all the co's CLIENTS...and proceed to MAKE SURE they *** OFF the Technicians by either taking away their benefits and or pay or Both!

So then THEY quit or find Other employment so then ADT can use their NEW AT MUCH LOWER minimum wage people, and of course lose all their "Qualified and Experienced Technicians", but ...THEY DON'T CARE!! All they DO Care about is Screwing EVERYONE and COLLECTING MORE MONEY FOR LESS OR NO SERVICE at ALL! This company SUCKS on SO MANY LEVELS!! How some of These co's ESPECIALLY This one and also one called First Data Global Leasing or First Data Leasing, which are all names of co's who DO some of the same unethical BS trying to hold to contracts that are not in writing, THEY SAY "certain parts" are Verbal!

OK, so...we go to Brinks Security who were absolutely a Pleasure to work with for over 7 years!! So again...Not us!! We are great Customers...Problem is ...ADT IS A HORRIBLE COMPANY!! So then Brinks spins off a Brinks Broadview and we find out that in a short time they would be Selling that part they they "seperated" from Brinks as Brinks Broadview to ADT!

I informed all our techs at that time...once this happens, YOU will Not be happy and Neither will WE! Gee...Turns out I was Correct....Again!! They did this after about a year or so, and we sat back and watched as Most of their FANTASTIC tech's were Forced to leave the CO due to again....ADT SCREWING w/ their wages and benefits and of course causing them to look elsewhere to SUSTAIN their families income needs!! All same old same old!!

So then we stay because we had no choice or so we thought, because what "other" co's are there?? Adt has "acquired most of them" over the years to where they too are now a "Monopoly!!!" and so they THINK....wrongfully that we are all stuck!! So just "as expected!!", they Continue to go right back to their INCOMPENTENT ways, not providing ANY Customer service, not responding to Alarms that had been activated...Yea SOME Security!! NOT!!

Then after being with them for over a year or more, they start sending TWO BILLS A MONTH! SO I call....NOT ONE acted or UNDERSTOOD???? That they were Charging me TWICE A MONTH!! For over 2 months I PUT UP With this, and I foolishly continued to pay!!

They have since been replaced, with a Great Company called "Guardian!", their service...ADT was replaced by Guardians SYSTEM almost a month ago, I sent Letters to their Corporate Office as well as their other office in Dallas I believe, they WERE Delivered because I received Delivery Confirmation!! on Both....TWO WEEKS AFTER their Service??? was disconnected and REPLACED and our SYSTEM NOW new and BY Guardian we get Phone calls on ALL of our phones telling us...."OH we are trying to reach you due to [possible trouble on your line!! Oh come on!!!!!

Then I get more calls which I IGNORED...hey how do you like some of your OWN MEDICINE??!! Now I receive 2 More bills, one again for one day and a day later another one...now they are trying to charge me for service again that THEY have NOT EVEN HAD TO SERVICE!! They KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN FIRED and I signed nothing with them and had been with Brinks Broadview all together for over 7 to 8 years so NO CONTRACT!! When we were FORCED TO AGAIN GO TO ADT...they continued to show how Horrible they are and Then had the GALL TO DOUBLE BILL for over 2 months in a row and would NOT answer to it...just sent me a Print out that Clearly showed all the while MY POINTS!

I have always paid and paid More than MY BILL, yet they continued to COLLECT every 3 weeks to some last few bills were 2 times a month! One of their "reasons" was they were TRYING TO MAKE IT EASIER ON US!??HOW?? TO CHARGE US DOUBLE??!! Then ACT ***??

OH ITS ....NOT AN ACT!! THEY ARE!!! I have BY THEIR OWN PRINT OUT...Never Missed or late on payments going back from the time they have OUR Records...since they "Purchased Brinks/Broadview" in I believe 2009 or 2010, either way, we had been ON TIME and Current as far back as THEY had records, which was 2008!....FACT IS....I MYSELF have records proving the Entire time with Brinks....which started back in 2004 or 2005 to the ADT "purchasing" of...and then up to March that paid up to April of 2012! I replaced them on April 4th or 9th and sent them the "letters" they picked up on April 17th, and yet again 2 WEEKS later they respond by saying "OH WE THINK THERE MIGHT BE TROUBLE ON THE LINE!!".

then leave "messages"...from their "RESEARCH??TEAM??" OH PLEASE!! Then today...NOT ONE BILL...But 2...ONE DAY APART where they are Trying to Collect for 2 More months at NOT EVEN THE CURRENT RATE they WERE charging me when we Left them!! Their Lack of Customer Serive, their Lack of ANY RESPONSE other than to Send out repeatedly Numerous BILLS, Double BILLS! Then they after TWO WEEKS on KNOWING they have BEEN REPLACED send TWO BILLS....AGAIN....for service they haven't even had to maintain!!

GOD THEY SUCK worse than ANY COMPANY TO date and I have been alive a long time and done Business with many co's over the years!! DO NOT GO WITH ADT....YOU WILL BE SORRY and YOU WILL NOT BE SECURE!! ASK THEM "How long does MY ALARM have to GO OFF before you call or respond??" GO Ahead...ASK THEM and then RECORD THEIR ANSWERS!! That way, you can Take THEM TO COURT!!

They Deserve to be Taken to court!! They suck so bad!! THEY ALSO have NO Qualified tech's, they are all Minimum wage people who have NO KNOWLEDGE of Anything related to YOUR SYSTEM....and Most of their "work" is Contracted out....anyway!! Sound familiar??

as with Many Other CO'S these days?? BUYER BEWARE!

Stay AWAY FROM ADT! GO Guardian!!

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We were with Westex for a couple of years and ADT bought them out. Even told us not to ask for ADT signs to put in our yard because they would not be replacing them.

Now, after 13 total years, and my bill steadily increasing, my alarm system started giving off this single "beep" ever once in awhile. Today it said: "Batlow 10 Zone 10". I called ADT, and after talking to a dozen people was told that they don't have a "zone 10" and have no clue what is wrong. Tried to tell me it was my "remote" battery.

I HAVE NEVER HAD A REMOTE. Finally they said that they would send out a technician to the tune of well over a hundred bucks, with close to a hundred bucks per 30 minutes he was here, plus whatever the "new" equipment would cost me. I told them I was a senior citizen and couldn't afford to hardly pay the every 3 month charge. She offered to *** one hundred bucks of the bill if I would stay with ADT.

I told her to forget it and cancel my contract.

I better ONLY get a bill for what little I should own. Talk about just plain wrong......It's very bad business.

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