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We are renters and set up ADT in our home. BEFORE we signed any contract with them the sales technician specifically stated we could take our equipment with us if we moved.

After 1 year we unfortunately had to love due to our rental needing to be sold. Of course we soon found out that this is not the case and that we would have to buy all new equipment. What they also failed to tell is when we moved canceled service at our old address is that it NEVER really cancels even though they tell you this. I was even told my Troy at 888-817-3642 ext.

70279 conf#40322076 that I would be getting a relocation credit of $349. That never happened either. I also was still getting charges on my credit card for services in the old address. In the last two months I have spoken with 10 different representative none of which ever allowed me to speak to a supervisor or manger.

I have been told it was a mistake on their part several times yet still I just found out I was sent to collections! I was just told again I was not suppose to be sent to collections by an ADT representative and yet I still was. I was yet again not allowed to speak to a manger and am a current customer still. I will have to now hire a lawyer to take care of this since I have NEVER been sent to collections before and will be canceling my account with them no matter what I have to pay.

I will tell anyone I come across to NEVER do business with this disgusting company. I will also be contacting my local news channel to get this story out to warn people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Customer Care.

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You people have actually provided the best blogs that are easy to understand for the folks.


I would love to share my experience with you.

I've been an ADT customer since 2009. My credit card was always set up for auto billing 59.07/month.

This January, I changed the card on file. I logged in to the website way before the statement posted and updated my card. The website showed the new card. Then I proceeded to cancel my old card.

Unfortunately when the January bill came, I was auto-charged to my closed card. Worried about being charged to a closed card, I quickly called ADT and told them they've made a horrible mistake and they must reverse those charges immediately and charge the correct card. It took multiple calls as I kept getting the run around. It got so bad, I had to have my old credit card issuer get involved with a dispute.

Finally ADT came around and said they would charge the correct card on file.

A month went by. ADT never charged me for January. In February, I was fortunately, charged on the correct card 59.07 for my Feb.

statement. But still.... nothing for Jan. I checked my balance online with ADT to find out that not only was I not charged by ADT for January, but there were two charges + a late fee as well.

I should have had a balance of 59.07 (because ADT never charged me in Jan for some reason). Instead I had a balance for 119.14 (59.07 for Jan + 59.07 for an imaginary month. I just got charged extra for no reason + 1.00 late fee due to ADT's own fault). I called ADT billing.

The agent was sympathetic and seemed to understand. I told her that it was not my fault that they charged the wrong card and then never charged me for my January statement. There should be no 1.00 late fee. Plus I was charged an extra 59.07 for no reason.

Their error. They took out an extra 59.07. My balance should not be 119.14. It should be 59.07.

I told her that if she would adjust that error, I would gladly pay the remaining balance over the phone right then. And I did. I paid the 59.07 for Jan statement. Then she said she would fix the remaining balance error of 60.07 and new balance should now be zero.

I checked in a few days. Balance was 60.07 (59.07 extra error charge + 1.00 late fee). I called again. Spoke with an agent.

Told her this was an error and my balance should now be zero. She said she'd take care of it and have her manager handle it. Never happened. Four phone calls and weeks later.

I write an email demand that this issue be corrected as all phone calls ended up in empty promises.

No response. I called tonight. You can only imagine how angry I am by now. And why shouldn't I be?

ADT 1) charged the wrong card, 2) dragged its legs forever to correct it 3) never charged me for January 4) charged me a late fee after not charging me in January and on top of that, 5) overbilled me for an additional 59.07 for no reason.

So now I'm very upset. I call billing agent and demand to speak with manager. She hands me over to someone named Adrian. I explain everything to Adrian.

Granted, I'm not very pleasant to deal with by now. You can only kick someone so many times. Adrian claims that only one payment was made in February. This is not correct.

My card was charged twice in February. I tell him I am looking right now at the ADT website and that two payments were made in Feb (to cover both Jan and Feb statement). He then changes his tune and sees that two payments were made in Feb. I also again for the 100th time explain that the 1.00 late fee should be removed as it was not my fault.

But more importantly, there is an extra 59.07 charge that I was overbilled. Count with me. Jan, Feb. That is two months.

59.07 paid twice in Feb covers both those months. Why am I being charged yet ANOTHER 59.07? For January and a half? For Jan-bruary?

Adrian states that I was refunded in January. I tell him I was never refunded anything. Nobody sent me any check? There was nothing to refund?

They charged a CLOSED card in January. Eventually, took back the charge, and never charged me the correct card in Jan. I ended up paying twice in February to make it up. Then they charged me an additional 59.07 + 1.00 (late fee – insult to injury) due to their error.

Adrian obviously annoyed tells me that as a “COURTESY” to me, he will remove the 60.07 that they overbilled me for. Really? A COURTESY? Should I be grateful for this wonderful courtesy of ADT finally deciding not to overcharge me?

So I have two questions for you? 1. Why was Adrian able to correct within 5 minutes what other agents could not correct in the course of weeks or months? 2.

Explain exactly how eventually agreeing not to steal my money is a courtesy? Instead of A) “We apologize sir for all the trouble we caused you – billing the wrong card, not fixing this right away, overbilling you, AND charging a late fee” I get an annoyed B)“sigh... as a COURTESY to YOU we'll remove the remaining balance. Thanks for calling ADT.

Bye” So..... as I said. I've been with ADT since 2009. But after 5 years I'm looking elsewhere.

Even though this was eventually handled. It was handled horribly. And while over the past week I was contemplating staying or not, telling me that this is a “Courtesy” for reversing your own errors helped me to make that decision. I hear Comcast has some good deals now.

For about 39.95/month, I get a touch screen controller, 3 sensors, 1 motion sensor, and wireless keypad. I get that with ADT for 59.07 / month. Heck, with Comcast I get additional 2 cameras, lighting controls, thermostat/additional camera for 49.95/month. That is less than the BASIC service I get with ADT.

Comcast isn't the only one offering. So remind me again, why I'm with you guys? Certainly not the diligent billing or wonderful customer service.

But thank you for forcing me to check out the competition. I've been shopping around and I like what I see.

John N

Thanks for the information. Yours is not the first I have heard about people having a problem with ADT, especially when cancelling.

Luckily, you used a credit card and not a debit card so you can dispute their charges.

Make sure you do that as each time someone disputes a credit card charge, they(ADT)are charged for it by Visa, etc. But, indeed pass the word around about how bad ADT treated you.


Good Afternoon, my name is Andrew and I work out of ADT's Corporate Customer Relations office. I am sorry for the trouble you expereinced with ADT and would like to assist you further.

Please email us your contact information to and we will reach out to help.

Thank you. -Andrew

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