When my wife and I bought our home in Florida, it already had a security system in place. We held off connecting the system to a home security service provider for almost three months, as we were intent on shopping around and finding the best, most sensible deal. Our chief concern was flexibility. Ironically, we didn't want to be locked into a contract.

A salesperson from one of ADT's many “authorized dealers” (Safe Streets USA, out of Garner, NC) arrived at our door with the promise that although we would certainly have to sign a three-year contract, Safe Streets USA was NOT in fact ADT. This meant that they were free to "work something out" with us in the event we should have to cancel service.

We have since found cause to do just that. Here are the options they presented to us:

1) Take the contract with us to our next place of residence and continue service.

2) If our system cannot be removed from our home, sign another three-year contract and ADT will install a new security system at our next place of residence.

3) Pay the remainder of the contract as a cancelation fee (75 percent of the remainder if we meet the time qualifier).

There is a semi-secret fourth option available as well. In order to get it, however, you’ll have to badger the dealer through whom you had signed for services to send the option in writing. They will, of course, refuse to do this, and repeatedly so. The options listed above are all you’ll get. But you must insist, just as repeatedly. Filing a “BBB” (Better Business Bureau) claim will help you immensely at this point.

Here is the semi-secret fourth option, in all its glory:

4) Get the new residents to sign a three-year contract, through the exact same dealer through whom you had signed, and you will be released from your contract without penalty or fee.

Now ADT does stand behind this option. Call them, and they will tell you that this is indeed a courtesy they offer. The problem is, as was mentioned before, your authorized dealer (Safe Streets USA, out of Garner, NC, for example) is NOT, in fact, ADT. And when it comes to the contract, they can hold you to it all they like. Across the Internet, on sites just like this one, you can read any number of stories about people who had followed the fourth option to its completion, in good faith, and continued to be charge the cancelation fees, regardless.

At present, we find ourselves tumbling down that same exact path, following the fourth option to what may very well prove an unsatisfactory, troubled ending. Not just for ourselves but for the unwitting new home owners to whom we have no choice but to vouchsafe ADT and, especially, Safe Streets USA, as good, honest companies with whom to do business. Quite the moral dilemma. But there is another, final option – one that preserves one’s soul and secures a some justice.

Fight Back! Here’s how you do it:

Take all your anger and frustration and go on a RATE RANT. What is a “rate rant”? If you’re reading this now, you’re likely no stranger to consumer rating and commenting of businesses in the Internet. Today there are literally hundreds of websites that allow customers to rate and comment about their experiences, no matter what the product of service. The reason why this so often has very little impact is because people tend to only post once, if at all.

A simple query from any given search engine will provide a number of sites accepting ratings and comments. Simply draft a small, concise complaint, sign up or log in to the site, rate the company as low as possible and post your complaint.

Here’s the tickler:

Then you do it again and again and again. The beautiful thing about ADT is, in fact, their army of authorized dealers. Understand, the contract you signed for service is relatively the same for every dealer no matter where you live in the country. So, you’re not really after the authorized dealer. You’re after ADT, the parent, contract providing company. It is perfectly acceptable to rate and post comments for any authorized dealer you find. Reason being, they are all providing the same exact service through the same exact company – ADT. In fact, your comment should identify the service provided in general, not the dealer in particular. It’s the service provider that’s the problem (even though, as was in my case, the dealer’s salesperson misled us to get our signature).

When enough is enough:

A simple rule of thumb is that when you’ve exhausted your local area for rating and posting, move on to the next – town, city, state, region of the United States. You only stop when you feel that you may have cost the company (ADT) as much as they’ve taken from you. The only problem I see here is that one can never truly know whether or not their rating and posting is impacting ADT in this way. The only course of action after this realization is to search and rate and post until your simply tired of doing it. ONLY THEN will you feel that you’ve done enough.

Happy hunting and good luck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Actually, this method of ‘’blast posting’’ or ‘’blast reviewing’’ against a company is the very epitome of what false reviews are. Let me give you a scenario:

Tim buys Ford.

He loves them. He buys them here, he buys them there. Old and new, used and pristine. One day, Tim buys a lemon.

Tim is irritated, and rightfully so. Tim writes a letter to FORD Motor Corporation after the dealer basically wrote him off. Question: Will you then write a negative review on every Ford dealer in the country, simply based off the bad experience of one of them?

Another example:

I like me some McDonald’s french fries. I mean, like ALOT.

However, I have been to McDonalds’ several times when I felt that their fries were flat, tasteless, cold, and unappetizing.

Should I then review bomb every McDonalds I can find in a 40 mile radius? This is not a fair practice.


This is the same as SAFE street never use them they are the worst



CustomerConcerns@adt.com is not an actual website. We respectfully ask that you email your contact information to us, so that we can assist you.

Thank you. - Andrew


Email you where? LOL!

You are joking. I filed a complaint, got the same bogus response. This is just ADT trying to act concerned with no one to contact, AGAIN!!!

And I am going to make sure that everyone knows that ADT does not go to any lengths to help their customers. What a ploy to make people think ADT is trying to help people who have complaints.


The post by Andrew is a standard post by ADT, however, there is no site like the one listed that they are asking you to contact. This is a cover up so that when people read your complaint, they may think, oh look, ADT is reaching out and resolving the issue.

NOT. NOT. NOT. I agree.

I have a lot of time, and will make every effort to continue to flood the internet with my unpleasant experience with ADT. It is a shame that big business gets away with taking advantage of consumers.


I have dealt with day for 7 months the installer has no working knowledge of anything. I just install.now to the big picture.

When i moved from my former address day sent out a installer to remove the doors windows alarm.i got a call from adt stating that my alarm code is needed.the lady I said to her that i moved and all of the other monitors. We're not at my old address.my old system was off. And would b used at my new address. The person that moved in was allowed to use my credit card.

For the new tenants.i have been double charged. A sorry company and the operators are not helpful once my contract is done I will never use adt.


ive read your post and i feel your pain i hope i have a solution for you email me at kareemsea@gmail.com


Good Afternoon, my name is Andrew and I work out of ADT's Corporate Customer Relations office. I am very sorry to hear about your and issues with ADT's service and would like to assist you further.

We would like to have a coporate customer relations representative take a look at your account to try and assist further. Please send us your contact information to CustomerConcerns@adt.com and we will reach out to help.

Thank you. -Andrew

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