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ADT has scammed us! We were promised help with our monthly payments for the security system we purchased. We are not getting the monthly moneys we were promised and this company will not do anything to help us. Rip Off! Their partner Elite Home Security promised us that if we signed up for the ADT we would be getting a monthly check for $40 that would pay for most of the monthly fee we are being charged ($50) for this security service. The monthly check is supposed to come from a 3rd company that is connected in this scam. That company is STAR RABATES.

They should be sending us the $40 check but hay have stopped sending us any monies since last November so we are stuck paying the $50 monthly fee ourselves. We would not have ever signed up for this ADT security service thru Elite had we not been promised the monthly help.

Of course these companies know that. They are all in it together. ADT blames Elite and Elite blames it on Star Rebates that we are not getting our checks (debit card).

Star Rebates blames it on the fact that they are behind. Yes, they are behind and not catching up. We used to be 1 month behind back last Fall but now we are 5 months behind.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System.

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Yes, I have been reimbursed 20.00 for the pass year. I am out 240.00 and at the end of the contract it will be 480.00. Larry, do a change.org and I will sign it!


Same thing for me. ADT offers to let you out of contract for 75% of remaining amount.

$750 what a joke. Sad a well known company is going to get a tarnished immage.

I am going to keep up the hassel. State Attorney, blog it, TV news 'Call for Action'.

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