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Had ADT system installed in February of 2006. Installer was rude.

Company began debiting my account for random amounts over the next 5 months. By month 6, they finally had it figured out...after hours of dealing with brain-dead representatives. After another year, we contacted ADT to install a delay in back door. Was first told of a high charge just to have someone look at it and that MAYBE they could install it.

Then we were told they wouldn't even come as far as Waxahachie (but they came to install it!). At the end of our 2-year contract, we gave our 30-day notice. They cancelled our account prematurely and charged us the $200 cancellation fee plus a prior month that we had already paid for. After at least 3 more incorrect invoices and no less than 7 calls to (braindead) reps, they finally sent us the correct bill.

We paid it, but they still turned us over to a collection agency. They have called twice and sent a letter, even though we contacted ADT again and they ASSURED us they would take care of it.

Should have paid the $200 2 years ago and cancelled!

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Customer Care.

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We've been an ADT customer for 5 years. We didn't have any problems except 3 months ago when our unit suddenly died, no power at all.

We called ADT and they said they will get us a new battery for the unit but 2 weeks passed by and we heard nothing from them. We called to complain and they finally sent a technician almost 2 weeks later. He tested the unit and changed the battery but it still didn't work. He told us he will order another battery and again another 2 weeks gone by yet no word from them.

We called them back and they said they had a record of the technician's visit but nothing about changing the battery. They said in order to fix the problem we would need to upgrade our system and there will be a fee. Why do we have to pay a fee for their defective system? We pay for the service not the equipment.

We told them to just cancel our service since we were dissatisfied with them. They hung up on us! We called back thinking they must hung up by accident. They made us wait for 20 mins.

and then hung up again when we requested to cancel the service. We called back a third time stating that we were recording the conversation and so they finally talked with us. They told us they were not able to cancel our service over the phone and that we must fax them a cancellation request letter. Furthermore, the processing time will take 30 business days to complete.

We faxed the letter two weeks ago. We also asked them to send a technician to remove the alarm unit and sensors from our house and they told us they will charge a fee to remove them. Screw that! We pulled the unit out ourselves and threw them away so no traces of ADT around the house.

Unfortunately, we are still paying the bills since they haven't cancelled our services yet.

NEVER again will we go with ADT! They want your money, provide no value service, and will not let you cancel........


When ADT first came to our house, they attempted to completely gouge us on installation and equipment charges. After making the sales/service guy call and work through several layers of management, I finally got the price to merely ridiculously high.

After installation, I quickly discovered several sensors did not work and had the "technician" come back. After he left, I discovered the zones were mostly incorrectly labeled, so there was no way to accurately determine which zone was being triggered. After another tech visit and a few days, the alarm was triggered when we were not home. When we returned, workers in our yard told us the alarm had gone off twice in the past 90 minutes.

We never got a call from ADT. Another visit by the tech's manager found that the first tech had incorrectly wired the land line and several sensors were the wrong type for the application. When they replaced several of them, they tried to charge me for the difference. Another series of managers on the phone took that off.

Low and behold, we discovered some of the sensors which had been recommended to be switched out were not. Another tech visit. I then noticed that when the techs had swapped out the window sensors from up/down to shock type, they had gouged all the window panes with the screwdriver they used to pry out the up/down units. I called to complain and spoke to several absolutely aloof managers who would not even answer questions I had.

They would instead try to divert the conversation away from my complaints. I asked for the customer service Supervisor and was told that she does not take calls or emails. After my anger had risen to the point of yelling, I was hung up on. I called the ADT corporation directly to complain, but they refused to help and said they could only refer me back to the same distributor with whom I was complaining about.

When the distributor manager got on the line, same story, same dance. I told them I will be cancelling the contract because they have never gotten it right, have wasted my valuable time and damaged my house. They said they would charge me 75% of the 3-year contract dues to cancel it. As for the damage to my windows, they unapologetically said I would need to get 3 quotes from different contractors and submit a claim for review.

As if my time is worth nothing. All the while, I have received at least 2-3 calls a day from ADT trying to sell me a new security system!

ADT is a predatory, sickening network of opportunist *** with no intention to deliver anything to their customers other than a monthly bill. BE WARNED!


I would like to say ADT thinks by their agreement they can run the race. I feel sorry that we have took ADT as our service.

we moved our apartment before shifting we checked with this brain dead people(ADT) they told us you move your apartment we will refix ADT in new apartment (we specifically checked are we starting a new agreement they said no --we confirmed it twice) and then a guy came to our new apartment and made sign a new agrement and told it only for one more remaining year we happily signed the agreement then the game happened over and now they say that we have started a new agreement so we have to pay for another 3 years. Now they charged for both the old and new aptarment (one disconnected ADT service in old apartment and for new service in new apartment) and now we are thinking that we will stop this ADT for ever. after this one year.

Now I see they will even send to collection agency from reading above. anyways now I think it is better to give to thiefs than to ADT atleast poor thief will steal only once.


ADT will not release the code that is needed to make a programming change to alarm systems installed by them. Nor will they send someone out to change the code to something else, or set it back to the default code (5555).

This includes alarm systems owned by the homeowner.

A few minutes walking Google and I found the code, it is 6321 for my system. And yes, their customer support, including the supervisor I talked to, were very arrogant.


When the salesman was giving his pitch he kept getting phone calls if the sale was made yet. Then he wrote down the wrong numbers for contact that messed up notifications.

When the alarm was not installed after 11 days I called and the Customer Svc Agent hung up on me. The service guy, when he left the phone connected to the alarms box never worked again.

Then when they sent out a flier to mail in the

Sheriffs Departments permit they forgot to include the form. What a krappy company!!!


i have been a customer with ADT since Feb. of 1999 I have never called them for service not one time in the ten years of service.

Well i was changing my security codes and accientlly erased my master pin.

Well after dealing with this rude lady that was in "customer service" she says the will have to send a service person to my house to re program @ a cost of $125.00 in which i refuse to pay. If they cant help me reprogram my code for free i am going to move my service to another company that would love my money!!!


I agree, ADT stinks. I cancelled 2 months ago and they keep billing my credit card.

And when I call, they are nasty.

I finally contested the charge with my credit card company. Still waiting for my refund.


I agree completely with this post. Brain-dead- and RUDE- service department.

avoid this company at all costs. they will keep billing you forever after you cancel.

and don't EVER give them your visa number for automatic debiting!

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