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The sales lady from ADT informed me that the contract was for 1 year only. 1 year later, I wanted to cancel my service and ADT told me that the contract was for 3 years and I would have to pay for the early termination fee.

I requested fo the contract and found out that the signature on the contract was not mine. The sales lady was no where to be found and can not be contacted. ADT requested me to show proof of my signatures. I provided all the proof they requested (10 signatures on blank paper, signature on credit card, signature on check, and signature on driver license).

And still they want me to pay for the early termination fee.

So they committed a fraud on my signature and still demand my money. If anyone is suing ADT, please count me in.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System Plan.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Preferred solution: waive my cancellation fee due to forged signature by ADT sales rep.

ADT Cons: Scam, Unethical business practices.

  • ADT contract fraud
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I'm currently in the same boat as you. I'm looking to get a consultation with a lawyer to see what can be done


Hey something completely similar happened to me with their contractor, Defenders, in Colorado. I am looking at legal action- this could fall under both false advertising and fraud.

I suggest you start with filing a police report for fraud and contact an attorney.

This might be something that’s a class action lawsuit soon. I’ll respond with more details.


same thing as everyone else. I did NOT sign a 3 year contract.

The signature they have is NOT mine...they say it was an electronic signature.

I never agreed to a 3 year contract. I will push for legal action to be taken against this company for fraud.


I moved and needed to cancel service with ADT. I had been with them for two years.

They told me I could have service moved but did not tell me they would start a new three year contract. When I found out this news upon trying to move from the new address, I was told the cost to cancel would be $700 dollars. Instead of paying the high fee, I started a new contract a third time at my new townhouse. I unexpectedly needed to move from the new address after only 8 months and since ADT had started a third “new” contract for 3 years, I was charged a termination fee of nearly $900 dollars.

I received a letter in the mail today stating that this sum will be automatically withdrawn from my bank account in full, per ADT contract policy. I don’t remember ever hearing this, never mentioned it when I started the contract or when I terminated it. Pretty sad way to thank customer that was with them for over three years in total.

This sum will be withdrawn just a week after Christmas, on the 31st of December. Not a very happy holiday season for me after learning this bad news.


Omg I’m fighting them now about this. My story is word for word like yours. I want to take them to court, wondering if you were able to resolve your issues with them?.


They are scammers


ADT still claims that I signed the contract when I DID NOT. ADT forged my signature.


Hello. I apologize for this experience and we'd like to review these concerns further to assist.

Could you please email us your account information, for where the service is located, to

Thank you. -Andrew


Same with me. I did not sign a contact but some how they say I did.

I have a copy of the contract now, first time seeing it and I never signed a 3- year contract.

I have since moved and lost my job and ADT refuses to work with me. I am in for any legal action.

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