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ADT FAILED US and many others!! ADT FAILED to dispatch fire rescue when our smoke detectors were going off.

After our house was totalled, and 2 LOVING pets perished, the Fire Dept Investigator verified that our alarm system was operational on OUR end. He called ADT from our burnt home asking them why they didn't dispatch fire rescue. Their response was that they didn't know the alarms went off!!! 4 days later, they took out our next month's payment, and 3 1/2wks later, still not a word from ADT- and ADT KNOWS that our house is a total loss!!!

Later, I found out that I was not in the minority of ADT failing to dispatch help when alarms went off. One of my friend's houses- 2 miles away 7 mo prior had his house burn down as well. When I told him about ADT, he told me that ADT didn't send help for him either!!! Others have told me that they found out their smoke detectors were never connected to their control panel!!

Please go to my facebook page and read my whole story and pictures, and like and share the page to warn others of the dangers for trusting ADT!!



Monetary Loss: $350.

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I had their service for several years, then one I decided to give them a call for a check up to see if my system was working. Well, they said it wasn't activated for the past 12 months, but I had paid them monthly for their service.

I asked for a refund, and they informed me it was my place to call in monthly to see if my system was working correctly.

I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy. Poor communications....lousy service....and a money hungry bunch of people.

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