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ADT sounded wonderful, $99 installation and same day installation! Our home was broken into Saturday night while we were sleeping and the robbers came into our bedroom and stole from us without us waking up. Understandable, we were very shaken up by this and called the next day for an alarm system. ADT sent someone out within 24 hours and the gentleman was very nice.

Before he even got started, however, we found out that it wasn't $99 install...what they don't tell you is that their $99 covers 2 doors! That means that you get to pay $129 PER WINDOW/DOOR for any more than 2! Who only has 2 doors/windows in their house? After we covered our windows and doors (giving up some of the standard items mentioned above to try and keep the cost down) and got 2 cameras (it's a minimum $800 for a camera that's $130 anywhere else but we were feeling very vulnerable and agreed to the cost) our bill for the installation was OVER $1,400 for, what I feel, is a very basic system (we even went with items that would cover more than one window so it wasn't as expensive)! As mentioned though we were very shaken up from the burglary and told them to go ahead with the install.

The man that was installing the system drilled *** in the wall and drilled right through an electrical wire in the wall! This caused the lights in our bathroom and kitchen to go out. Ok, stuff happens I understand that...he went and called his boss and came back in to let us know that they had insurance to cover situations like this and someone would be calling us first thing in the morning to come out and fix it because he understood that we needed our lights and were already stressed out enough. He assured us several times we'd receive a call first thing in the morning and they'd have someone out there within a day or two to fix it and although that was inconvenient we were understanding.

Well, the following afternoon when I hadn't heard from anyone I called the number on the pamphlet he left (no contract came in our email and he didn't leave any card or contact information other than this pamphlet thing we found). When I spoke to the 800 number I was told that I was required to get 3 different estimates and fax them to an out of state number and they would review the estimates and let me know if they would reimburse me for the work. SERIOUSLY?!? They ruin the electrical in my house and expect me to take time off work and have THREE different electricians come out and then submit the estimate so they can decide which, if any, they will REIMBURSE me for (which means I have to pay out of my pocket first). Now I have to add "fix their destruction" to the list of items I'm dealing with from the robbery!

When I called the ADT number we originally called to schedule the appointment they informed me that the people that installed my equipment was a partner and ADT would take no responsibility for the error. ADT, the people I called who sent this "partner" to my house, who took the $99 deposit from me and who it was that I asked to do the work claims they have no responsibility in the quality of work that the people they sent out do!

Needless to say, my husband and I were so disgusted by their treatment of us that we decided to cancel the contract immediately and will be finding another company. Let me tell you from personal experience...when you have your house broken into, the last thing in the world you want to have to deal with is a security company like this! Accidents happen but how they treat their customers in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong is truly despicable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Hello. I'm very sorry to hear about the recent break-in, in addition to this experience.

I understand that an authorized dealer may be involved with this concern and we'd like to help. Please email us your contact information for where the service is located, and we'll have a ADT corporate representative follow up.

Thank you. -Andrew

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