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Years ago I had ADT and couldn't get out of their contract. Their equipment didn't work and they didn't come out.

But they would not stop withdrawing money from my bank account. Their contract is horrible with automatic renewal. Later I had Brinks but when ADT bought them out I had to fight to get out. I knew not to believe the lies the salesman had told from before.

But now I am having more trouble! I built a security system into my house when I built it. Yesterday ADT shut off the ability for me to put my original sounding system on. Even though I bought monitoring from them, I already built the complex security into the walls of my house when I built it.

They took my on/off boxes and replaced with theirs. Now I can't turn on what I built into my house. (Loud sounding system). I know I ONLY bought monitoring but they threw away the on/off boxes I had before they started their monitoring contract.

Now they keep me on the phone for half an hour then hang up on me when I call to find out how to go back to original system.

I say we all sue them for the lies, theft of services, misrepresentation and stress. Who's in for a class action suit?

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System.

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I definitely am in. Art has caused us too many problems.

We ended up with citations and court dates from the police and magistrate. Contact me


I'm in.


I am in


I'm in! They won't hold up their ADT Money Back Service Guarantee found here:

It says "Refunds the installation price and pays all monitoring fees if,after we have attempted to resolve your concerns,

you are not satisfied within six months of installation. "

They haven't resolved my concerns and I am absolutely not satisfied with them. Worst customer service I have ever dealt with in my life!! I worked in a call center for a year and I would never treat a customer the way they do.


Adt lied to me. I decided to cancel within the three days that they allowed me to cancel.

I got a call back from a lady who told me that if I stayed with them, she would give me a 50 percent discount, so since I was on the flex pay, I would only have to make two payments and the last two payments would be canceled. Dumb me, I agreed. They lied and continued to charge me after the second payment. I called them three times and each time, I was told someone would call me back, which they never did.

I was finally able to get a hold of a manager who told me that the lady I had talked to had made a mistake and she could not give me the discount. So I told her I was lied to in order to get met not to cancel, and since they could not keep their part of the deal, I wanted them to cancel and give me my full refund, of course they said no, and I could cancel, however, I would be charged the cancellation fee. Wow.. They lied to me just to keep me on.

She also said that I could not talk to anyone else.

She was it.


Good Afternoon, my name is Andrew and I work out of ADT's Corporate Customer Relations office. I am very sorry to hear about your issues with ADT's service and would like to assist you further.

Please send us your contact information to and we will reach out to help.

Thank you. -Andrew


I am in. They threw away my panels too.

Also when I got a new alarm system (I felt same way about not wanting anyone after them for a long time too) the new alarm company they disabled my fire alarm. All the years they charged me but I had no fire alarm.

Where are those class action lawyers when you need them?

They shouldn't be able to destroy someone credit for a contract that is simply criminal.


I worked for ADT in Canada and the reps are unfortunately trained to ***..

That's why I quit!

if it's any consellation.. they screw the staff with the same attitude clients!


I am definitely interested in a class action lawsuit against ADT. Years ago, I fell for their bait-and-switch fraudulent advertising that seemed to offer something for free that ended up costing more than it would normally cost if it had not been advertised that way.

I believe thousands and thousands of people fall for the same trick. This is clearly mail fraud since they send these ads in the junk mail. I had stopped paying them for awhile, then they destroyed my credit rating and I had to pay a fee to make them stop and get back into the contract. BUT-- not only was I forced to pay the so-called "broken contract fee," I was forced into a NEW 3-year contract with them that started from scratch.

Why is this legal??????

Unfortunately, all the links I see on the web that supposedly lead to sites where people get together for a class action lawsuit all lead to nowhere. Please let me know how I can join in a lawsuit against ADT.


I didn't have another security company for a long time after my bad experience with ADT. I just got a new company.

They come over to install new panels (ADT threw away the panels I had before them and put theirs in, the new security company thats so you can't change companies) The house wiring was there before ADT so in essence they took over the system they didn't install with their control panels. Heres the thing I just found out this whole time they didn't hook up the fire alarms with their panels.The FIRE alarm system was not working and never told me. I called them right away and they told me by phone that that wasn't true and the new technician didn't know what he was talking about. However he was still there so I put him on the phone.

Then they told me there was nothing they could do to help me. They are crooks!

Please do not use them. My family was in danger and I never knew and they didn't care or apologize.


Perhaps we can start by reporting them to this new consumer protection office the President just started? Although my complaint is different from yours, every complaint I read including yours was what I experienced the first time with them too.

I keep sending them certified letters with my complaints to stop them. Try that.

It scares them you will have documentation for a lawsuit. :?


i am in for different reasons, sales rep stated we could cancel anytime in first 6 months with no additional charges, then 2 weeks later we tried to cancel and were told we only had the 3 days from contract signing to cancel, they had the same *** at our house 4 times in 2 weeks and he couldnt get anything to work. now they want $1200.00 for the termination fee

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