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If I had know how ADT treats their customers when I entered into my contract I would have never gone with them. My hand held remote battery need replacing but when you open the cover, the battery is under the circuit board and does not come out.

It is in so tight or it is glued that to pull the small circuit board out will most likely break it. It is a manufacturing defect. I called ADT. After talking to a supervisor they hid behind their maintenance contract saying no matter what, it is still a $25.00 charge.

If I had broken the small board getting the circuit board out it would be, as I recall, $125.00 per half hour. It's their fault and their faulty equipment. Considering how much I have paid, they are going to lose me as a customer as soon as I can leave over a battery. Unbelievably arrogant.

Also, thanks to the previous comments on the automatic renewal trick. I will insure that I inform ADT that they are not to extend my contract automatically.

It appears if you are over your contract date and if they extend your contract and you cancel in mid year, they will charge you as if you cancelled the original contract - about $300.00 plus dollars, I think.

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GOD BLESS YOU ALL. I have spent three hours going crazy about this.

Five calls to ADT. None of them had a clue what I was calling about. One said there were two batteries in the fob, another said there was one battery. Yet another said there was a clip that held the batteries in.

Each time I was told there was a compartment to put them in. But then again, each fob is different. There were no batteries in the fob sitting on top when I opened it. They treated me like I was crazy.

Thanks to this post I now know where the batteries are: UNDER the circuit board that apparently has to be unscrewed. (Seriously, I was scared my cat had eaten them!!)

I will be calling tomorrow to cancel with ADT.

I've had enough. More than enough.


Easiest thing in the world to replace. Take out the small screw in the middle and the circuit board comes right off. Two batteries under there.


The Circuitboard has a screw in the center holding it down... I'm sure this is your problem as it was the same issue for me

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