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We signed a contract with ADT and had the tech come out to install the system, after the installation (same evening) we changed our minds and faxed over a request to cancel (cannot do verbal). It has been a nightmare to get my account canceled.

We have been told that because we had canceled right after installation the local office wouldn't honor the cancellation.

We are within our 3 business days and according to the Federal "The Cooling-Off Rule", we have the right to cancel even if the equipment has already been installed, no quesitons asked. Really think about going with ADT!

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Did they cancel and come get equipment? Did you get your money back?

I'm going thru same thing. Installed and cancelled the next day!


I'm in the same boat... I'll make it short and sweet: I bought a house with ADT system, had the pre-existing system activated, window sensors don't work, faxed in the cancellation letter, still getting bills in the mail.

No one at the ADT cust service department has a clue what's going on.

I've gotten 3 different stories from 3 different reps. WTH?!

Did yall ever have any luck getting your contract cancelled?


Hope my contract will cancel with no problem. They send a technician out ready to install the system, but what they don't tell you is thieves can still come through the window, unless you want to pay another $580!!!

That's ***!!! Talk about being robbed again!!!


I to just sent in a cancellation (1 day after service activation). I purchased a home with a current system and wanted to activate to save on my homeowners insurance.

I will not go in to all the details, but have been trying to get this service set up since 6/15/12 and as of 8/8/12 it was finally completed. I was charged 99$, as one of the technical guys on the phone said my current system (cellular) was not operating properly. Once the tech came to my home he programmed my existing unit and all was good. Still got charged for the new system though.

Tech that came to my home stated he would have the 25$ activation fee waived due to all the issues I have had trying to get service.

So to my surprise I check my account this morning and ADT decided to charge me 72$ for some unknown reason (unauthorized). Rob, as to your comment, that is why someone would cancel the next day...


Why would they cancel your contract after it was install? You should of canceled before install.. Really


That makes no sense Rob since you don't sign a contract UNTIL the installation.

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