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Here is a copy of a letter I am sending to ADT. Hopefully, this will help resolve my issue. You have to write them a letter to escalate these matters. Email support is only 500 characters. I wish I could email Koch himself!

To Mr. John Koch,

My name is -------- and due to multiple hardware and customer service related issues, I cancelled account with ADT. While cancelling, I was told that I would be receiving a refund for all monitoring and installation fees and instead I received a bill for $966.39.

Let me please recap: Within the first month of service, my system failed and had to be serviced. This made us feel less than secure. The system was repaired 2 days after I called. I felt this was a less than adequate time frame for a repair on a system designed to make us feel more secure. This repair is not at the heart of my complaint.

I was told by my salesperson, Oscar, that we would receive in the mail a rebate offer. When this never came, I called the National Line and was referred to our local office. The local office said that instead of a refund, I would simply not be charged for 3 months. This seemed like a fair compromise. However, we were charged the following month.

After several more phone calls going back and forth between national and local offices I was promised a reimbursement of the monthly fee and promised that I would not be charged again. I never received the refund and I was charged again. Eventually, I was promised a 3 month credit on my bill but at that point and on that day,I was so frustrated with the process within a company I was so new to that I decided to cancel my service with ADT.

I called the national line and spoke with a Customer Service Representative who cancelled my account and told me that after 30 days I should expect a check for monitoring and installation refund.

Yesterday, I received the bill and called the national line and spoke to a manager. He informed me that because I had not spoken to a manager during the cancellation process that I was not entitled to a refund and subject to the early termination fee.

I feel that it is wholly unfair, bordering on ludicrous that because the CSR I spoke to did not transfer me to through the proper channels that I am being denied a promised refund and being charged a fee.

Your customer service certificate states:

Refunds the installation price and pays all monitoring fees if, after we have attempted to resolve

your concerns, you are not satisfied within six months of installation.

The back reads as follows:

If during the six months following installation we are unable to resolve any

installation/service-related concern, we will refund the installation charge and/

or any monitoring fees paid after we have attempted to resolve your concerns.

You eventually did attempt to resolve my concerns and I was unsatisfied with the proposed resolution. Therefore, I expect the refund promised.

This current situation is almost ironic in that it perfectly reflects the reasons I decided to leave ADT originally.

I sincerely insist that this letter served to resolve this matter wholly and in its entirety. I expect a refund of my installation fee and monitoring and have my billing record absolved.

I appreciate your prompt attention in this matter.

Most Sincerely,


Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Account.

Monetary Loss: $966.

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BUT WHERE DID YOU SEND IT? For the love of all things holy, I cannot find an address ANYWHERE.

I've been looking for over an hour! You can't cancel by phone. Their fax doesn't work. ANd there is no address anywhere--only dozens of other people BEGGING anyone to tell them!



I Bronwin Jantjies, would like to cancel my ADT contract as of today.

My address is below with my contact details.

30 Tuna Street

Delmore Gardens


Cell no: 084 502 3655

Please feel free to contact me regarding the above.

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