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This is an ADT Sale Rep employee job review. When the company I work for, ADT, when they started selling security over the phone it should be a sign to our customers that we do not care about their personal security needs or concerns anymore, but to be more profitable.

ADT's customers that did sign up over the phone have been bamboozled by ADT phone quacks. The best deals are not from the phone call center of ADT, it is the ADT sale rep. Ask any ADT Corporate residential installer about this manner and they were say that Samuel A Mistry is very correct in his analyses about this. The phone sale personnel will not even try to give you the best deal, because they know if you don't sign up with them their next call-in will be another opportunity and because the time is clicking, got to be home at 5PM.

ADT is betting that the individuals that call in to ADT call center are ignorant about the different discount that we can offer to our customer. If you have ADT system in your house and the phone sales person advises you that if a rep goes out then a follow-up call must be schedule with an installer to do the activation of the security system. That phone sale person is lying to you. All resale reps are trained to do the activation of security systems and many of us have been technician and/or been installers.

Please when you call in, have a rep come out and keep the some of the profit of the company to remain within your local community and not in the pockets of the corporate toilets that Samuel mentioned. Now that I think about, wonder if USAA or AARP is truly protecting their members or advising their members, I doubt it, and this makes them also the culprits.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Customer Care.

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ADT is not perfect but if you speak to the right person they will solve your problem rather quickly.

For rebates Deals Specials and or billing and technical problem I use this number normally a supervisor will help you 1888-720-5982 mon thru friday 8am to 11pm saturday 9am to 10am sunday 10am to 6pm @ eastern time hope this helps you all. I use this number for additional credit and tech issues.


took a job from these clowns in october of 2011, three months later I had no sales, no training as promised by my manager and was told if I didnt drive into the office that was 175 miles away from where I lived three times a week that they were going to fire me for not doing what they told me to do!! Do yourselfs a favor and dont go to work for these unprofessional people. Oh and lets not forget the every day setting of your own appointments they want you to do and if you dont get anyone to agree to let you come sell them an alarm system the micro managing every day 4:15pm conf call where your manager will badger you to see "whattta got for me" trust me folks this is the biggest joke of a company I ever took a job with, I quit and moved on and would recommend to anyone even thinking of listening to their false promises of huge income to walk away from the lies and misreprensentations


Wonder, has many issues the installation department have with the phone sells (10, 15 up to 20%) that ends with cancellations. Wonder how many future customers we are losing just from their word of the mouth?

Yep, Phone Rep, you are doing an outstanding job of losing customers, in this you are running my pants off.

If I had a 10% loss ratio of my sales because what I sold had issues that ended with cancellations I would be reexamined as being fit to remain as a sales rep for ADT. I'll keep my pants on.


To "ADT CALL-IN PHONE SALE SCAM", two thumbs up, I agree with you. Hey Samuel, decent writing on your post about the phone call sales at your blog site.

OMG, please keep your pants on.

Hope that your best that you was referring to was setting up a home security system. :grin


Hi "Phone Rep" so you did agreed with "ADT CALL-IN PHONE SALE SCAM"? Please, take my pants too; I prefer the best for my customers.

You proclaim quite proudly that you sell less than the best, do hope you don’t work for ADT and what bag of *** do you sell. Sounds like you need a different career. Nonetheless, I'm scared what you and the upper-management do sells to our customers, that is, a false sense of security. “Phone Rep”, your last sentence in your rebuttal tells that you are more likely a trainer or a manager, so why hide your identity?

Yet again, I’ll take my pants and my shirt off my back for my customer; it seems that it’s all about the profit for you.

Furthermore, the term “sorry Sally” is a repulsive urban slang. I will let this community check it out on Google and determine if it was just an accident or purposely done here to show how you motivate or treat those that you oversee, or as in this case going against someone that disagrees with you in a manner that is extremely unprofessional.


Hi,"Phone Rep", I like your rebuttal, phone sales isn't the best, you made my point. Here, here, folks you got it right from here, it not the best and I'll say that isn't even the third best way of getting a security alarm system in your home.

Even a "Phone Rep" wrote that it sucks. And my only rebuttal to "Phone Rep" if is not the best then the upper management of ADT treats their customers second rate for reasons of profit only. Over time this will destroy the reputation of a great company. You make one customer happy and he will tell five, get one customer pissed and he tell 20 and from off this site who knows how many will read their complaint.

For this reason that makes Samuel A. Mistry essay from his blog even more right.


Ok sorry Sally...If your a sales rep then you need a new career because not only do the phone centers increase ADT's marketplace but insure customers are getting security for their family...Wow sounds like a terrible product to sell on the phone these days...you know, increased economic instibility and potential collapse, rising fuel, food, tuition (inflation). The last thing I need on the other end of the line is a company respresenting the largest security company in the U.S.

with the best reputation telling me that I can get a newly installed, system at no cost, and all I have to do is pay monitoring...yep it sucks, is it the BEST?

No not the best, but you would never reach these customers for future up-selling, service, and references if it was for those phone reps dialing away (excited by the way!), out-selling your pants off. 8)

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