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We have been ADT customers since 2012 and now are "off-contract" for month-to-month service since expiry of the contract in September 2014. We had been fairly satisfied with service until just this week. We received a phone call from ADT headquarters at 8 p.m. in the evening on 11/13/16 with a robo-call message informing us to call ADT regarding our account. The quality of the robo-call recording was garbled and we were not able to retrieve the phone number from where the call originated, so we did not return the call. We paid little heed to the call given that we are off contract now and wondered whether it might be a sales pitch. We were surprised to receive another call from ADT the next evening (11/14/16)-- again around 8 p.m.-- informing us that our bill was "past due" and that we owed them a fee for a local alarm permit plus processing charge ($28), and that this fee was post due since October. We did not recall seeing a fee billed on our October statement (due date 10/15/16) so we gathered our statements and called back to ADT billing and customer service.

We explained that we could not be past due on our account because the due date on our November statement is 11/14/16 (current day of phone call) and that is the statement where the county fee was applied (not in October!) and that the October bill was paid in full ON TIME PRIOR to 11/14/16 and that payment was already posted to the account and appearing as fully paid on the November statement. I also let them know that I believed that they were in violation of the law by making debt collection calls on bills that were not yet past due.

That's when the agent informed me that in their office, what shows electronically is that "your billing cycle begins on the 12th and payment is always required by the 12th of every month." On the contract, we elected monthly paper bills and I have not found any language in the contract indicating that bills would always be due on the 12th of a month. When I pointed out the discrepancy to the agent, she became defensive and stated that the difference between the billing dates had to do with ADT's use of a third party billing service and that correcting the discrepancy was not something they could do because that "was out of their control." I explained to the agent that such asynchrony between the bill due dates on the paper statements that they issue and what they expect and that they claim they cannot correct the situation is unacceptable and saying that they "could not" correct it was BS!

For the record, we have NEVER missed making a payment to ADT. In fact, we'd even paid a bill a month in advance to cover vacation so that we wouldn't have a missed or late payment! So, based on our history as customers, ADT should have no reason to wonder whether we'd be paying our bill, unless of course, we are being discriminated against based upon the fact that we live in an urban rather than suburban area.

In summary, here are the issues of concern:

1) ADT is billed by the local government for permits in August; ADT does not immediately bill the customer, but waits two whole billing cycles to put the permit fee on the bill (November), yet accuses the customer of being late in payment of the county fee plus administrative charge, which they claim was past due as of October.

2) They make dunning phone calls outside normal business hours seeking to collect on bills that are not even yet due per dates on paper statements.

3) Billing due dates on electronic records in the ADT billing department do not match the bills' due dates as they appear on the paper statements.

4) They are unwilling to correct the difference that exists between the dates on the paper statements and the supposed due dates they claim that are on their electronic record in the billing department.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Account.

Reason of review: billing discrepancy .

Preferred solution: Investigation by the state's attorney general's office to enforce compliance with local consumer protection law regarding billing .

ADT Pros: Able to reach a rep by phone.

ADT Cons: Being harrassed for payment not yet due.

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