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ADT does not care if they loose customers. They would rather enforce contracts, even when a company goes out of business and has to cancel service, they will not transfer the service, they will insist on collecting the balance on the contract.

It is difficult to contact the appropriate customer service agent and difficult to work with in general. Their attitude is extraordinarily apathetic with their clients and I am glad to have severed their service.

Their level of integrity is extremely low and undesirable to do business with. I am amazed they have managed to stay in business as long as they have.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Customer Care.

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I received an apparent phishing spam email purporting to be from ADT.

Went to and couldn't find any place to report this.

Call customer support number on the website and they didn't know what to tell me.

You'd think a company involved with SECURITY would be concerned about this garbage, have a department to investigate and handle this, and make the contact info available somewhere.

Does not bode well for my opinion of them. Based on this and the other comments, seem like they just want to collect cash and screw the clients.


God luck in small claims. You signed a three year contract.

End of story. The six months is if your alarm malfunctions and they cannot fix it. Not because u want out of a legally binding contract.

Also if u don't cover a window or a door, how is that adt's fault if a burglar enters thru said unsecured area? Maybe of u weren't trying to save money, and instead made sure your whole house was covered, you wouldn't have this issue.


ADT is a scam....I rent an apartment in a two year lease paid $450 for my alarm and $47 month. I was informed by sales rep that after 6 months I would be able to cancel anyway after 13 month's I did and was informed that I owe $700 in termination fees they stated that I was in a three year contract deal...I would never agree to 3 year contract since I was only in a 2 year lease renting! Guess I See them in small claims court!


ADT its simply SUCKS!!!!!!


I work for this co (unfortunately) they treat employees badly as well as customers.. I would highly recommend not working for them or using their services!.....

get a dog or work for mickey ds!

Both would be better! U


I don't like adt anymore than you do but you are just ***. Im sure if you did some research and explained to the person selling you your alarm what you wanted he would have sold you the equipment.

If you buy a car do you ask what options it has, or you just take whatever they give you. I bet you also complain about getting ripped off by the mechanic when your car needs fixed, I guess you haven't noticed people take advantage of suckers.

Take some responsibility for yourself and install you own alarm, if that *** clown you let in your house can install it you can to. Good luck putting your pants on right tomorrow.


This review is my opinion! It's regarding Brinks, ADT and Broadview. From what I understand is all the same company.

My fiancée has been a customer of theirs for 12 years. They secured three doors and with a motion detector, the stairs to the bedrooms. She has little knowledge about security systems. So like so many other people I am sure did what their tech told them to. She has three cats and a dog. So she could not use the motion sensor because of the animals. She was robbed about two years ago. They came in through the windows. That's right no security on any of the Windows.

Over a year ago the landline had been broken. She only uses a cell phone to communicate. So she wasn't aware of it. ADT does not have the technology to know that. The only error that she ever received on her keypad was low battery. Talk about a false sense of security!

For the past two months I've done my homework on home security. I called ADT and told them about the broken land line. They say that's my problem they just continue to charge. They said it themselves they haven't received a signal in over a year. And they still charge. Instead of putting the account on hold until they come out and install a new system they don't they just still charge the monitoring fee.

I've called them and told them what was required to secure this home. One glass sensor $155. I would need 4.

ADT! In order to be a security company you would need to communicate with the home computer. If you are not receiving a signal from back home computer then you're not monitoring anything. What a huge ripoff! I wonder how many senior citizens in the Chicagoland area that are paying for not being more a false sense of security. It is my opinion that ADT charges ridiculous prices for their equipment, and a monitoring fee and they don't have a clue if they're monitoring you are not. On a computer I could ping an IP address and know what's going on.

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