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Where do I start. My house was broken into 3 years ago.

In my haste, I contacted 2 alarm companies, ADT and Brinks. They both offered nearly the same service. I decided to go with ADT, biggest mistake i have made in along time. The sale rep lied to me right off the bat.

He told me it was a 2 year contract and that ADT just had a rate increase and that I would not see any rate increases for a long time. WRONG! they have gone up pretty much every six months. So you say, well they went up in price so I should be able to cancel my contract.

WRONG AGAIN! the contract is purely in THEIR benefit, not the consumers. They can increase their rate 200% and you cant do a *** thing about it. Now to the initial start up cost.

Sure they install their system for a measly $99 and what does that give you. the control panel, ONE motion sensor and ONE door sensor. what the *** does that cover??? NOTHING!.

I ended up spending nearly $400 more just to somewhat cover my house. Latest complaint is this, one of my sensors was giving a none emergency fault, and I got several automated calls from ADT. I contacted them followed their instructions of resetting the sensor and they offered me the following: " we can have one of our service guys come out, check the sensor replace the battery and replace all the batteries in your system, all you are responsible for is the $25 service call" so i set up the appointment. Guy comes out and tells me, " oh no they miss informed you, the batteries and labor are extra, bill would be $10 per battery +$150 in labor + $25 for the service call Total of about $300.

I promptly kicked him out of my house and didnt pay for even the service call. Luckily my contract is up and i will be dropping ADT like a hot potato. Sorry for the rambling but this needed to be said.

I WOULD NEVER under any circumstance recommend ADT for service. I will be looking to get monitoring service from another company ASAP.

Monetary Loss: $2192.

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Thanks for taking the time to post this...


I agree that ADT- which appeared to be a reasonable company six years ago- is now a scam. I have paid ADT for a security system since 2008.

In 2012 I moved to a rental home. Being on my own, my ADT rep sold me a 2-year service that would work through VOIP. System functioned as designed and I had no issues. This last summer I moved 3 doors down and transferred the system.

A tech came out and I paid to have the system moved, including the hard wired smoke detector and VOIP system connect. Over the past 4 months I've been getting robo-calls telling me of a system issue...been on phone with "customer service" countless times. Come to find out that system was NOT hooked up to VOIP last year and has been non-functioning for 10 of the last 11 months. More money to "upgrade" my system AND an increase in monthly fees (NO THANK YOU).

Tried to cancel and was passed through 3 different layers to someone who said that their contract read 3 year, not 2 and it doesn't' matter if they are not providing any security or service and that they would charge me through 2015!!! STAY AWAY FROM ADT


Hello. We are sorry to hear about your frustration with ADT and would like to discuss your concerns with you. Please e-mail your contact information to us at customerconcerns@adt.com and we will have a customer relations representative reach out to you.

Thank you. -Dena


One last thing. Just word to the wise people.

DON'T WAIT UNTIL YOUR BROKEN INTO THEN SCRAMBLE LAST MINUTE TO FIND A COMPANY!! Thoroughly research your company before you are installed. And rule if thumb CHEAPER IS NEVER BETTER!! Another fact about ADT this person forgot to mention is that for just $6 more a month, ANY and ALL service calls are FREE!!

But if you decide to pass it up and go the cheap route you may be in a predicament just like the person above. PS if I don't get insurance on my IPHONE and I break it, I pay 6 times the price of the regular price. THAT'S HOW THE WORLD WORK. But just because a company doesn't give you everything you want for free does not mean they are a scam.

You don't last 139 years in the business by scamming people. Just a though

@Smart ***sumer

There hasn't been consumer communication and transparency of today's magnitude for 139 years. Now that we're able to go online and immediately identify terrible companies the longevity for predatory companies such as ADT is getting exponentially shorter.

By the way, they haven't been in the security business for 139 years.

They started as a telegraph service. Ironic since they certainly don't get the message themselves.


Haha wow!! Your complaining cause you had to pay for your equipment?

I forgot that I lived in the world where everything is free. The real scam is the back door companies who do it for free than disappear off the face of the earth. Believe me it happens all the time. AND YOU HAD TO PAY FOR BATTERIES??

Wow!! Every company on the planet charges you for new batteries. Please post of one that DOESN'T and I will show you a company of liars. People always want something for nothing.

You get what you pay for people!! This person is a joke. Not to mention it was probably an ADT AUTHORIZED DEALER NOT ADT ITSELF. But it wouldn't be a surprise that this cheap *** didn't research..

I cannot wait until the next company you go to actually scams you!! And not just charge you for the services that you wanted. PS packages come with 3 doors and a motion and key fob minimum.

This person is lying just to sound credible. Welp that went out the window!

@Smart ***sumer

You have to work for ADT. You question that they charged this person for batteries, BATTERIES?

For the installation charges they bill, level of worthless service provided by ADT, and charge you for every syllable spoken in a service call I would expect free batteries. I, too, have been lied to by ADT around every turn. The latest was today when I called to relocate my service due to a job move. I'm not trying to cancel but only move.

My move will cost $359 AND I have to sign a new 3 year contract. Also, they didn't have my USAA customer account attached so they have me in a 3 year contract versus 2 as you get for being a USAA member.

The level of service they provide is bottom of the barrel. I shouldn't be forced to renew my contract to move my service when I'm more than willing to pay a relocation fee.

Getting extorted while trying to fulfill my end of the obligations is ridiculous. I'll be buying out of my contract.

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