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Replaced a door on the house & was advised a tech needed to come out to re-install the door sensor for the cost of $114/15 minutes + $30/15 minutes thereafter! Rep indicated they could only give 4 hour time block, techs did not have phones to call when in route.

4 hour slots passes - no one shows. Called ADT & tech reported they came but no one home - NOT TRUE! Rep said we failed to leave # to call if problem gaining access....hmm, how can they call if they do not have phones? Were they lying to me the 1st time or the 2nd time?

In the meantime they are not available to come out for another week & want to charge for the no show service appt. Then inquired about cancelling serve & rep indicated they do not have email. Are you kidding me...it is 2011. No email, no cell phones....what technology do they use in the event of an emergency, the pony express?

They agreed to fax contract to me within 5 minutes - that was 2 hours ago, yup, still no fax has arrived. Do not do business with this company unless you enjoy poor service and being lied to.

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Next we'll hear they took their car to a shop to fix but then want to complain about the hourly rate of it. Be home for your appointment! Don't expect something for free!

Ben t

Reinstall? As in you or a contractor removed them

And you want ADT to come out and fix what YOU did for free?

Try ripping out your sink and ask a plumber to come fix that for free? Trades people who have a skill set need to be paid, if it was free what kind of service would that be? Probably not very good. Email & cell phones?

You have a service appointment be home for it, a technican should not need to find you or wait around. There are other customers waiting for service it's not fair to hunt you down to come fix what YOU did to the system.


Just look into this. I take over ADT accounts daily due to their lack of professionalism.

Security Networks is the only big name, nation wide monitoring company that can say they have an A+ BBB rating.

ADT, Monitronics, Safeguard, etc can't say that. In fact...they cant even get close.


ADT quoted me a charge of more than $200 to have a technician come home to replace a faulty door switch. The technician did not show up (thankfully).

I bought two dozen switches for a few dollars and replaced them myself. It took some work to find the manufacturer based on a web search of the picture of the switch. Since, I have replaced them 4 times saving at least $800 of ADT technical home service.

I try not to do business with greedy companies. Unfortunaly these days, "greedy" is the rule rather than the exception.


I am an ADT sales rep, I know the prices, someone is lying.

I can't help but notice that there are over 50 complaints on this website, most are over the customer wanting to change the conditions they signed up for.

With over 8.5 million customers, you do the math.

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