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My ADT Home Security System (Gaylord subcontractor) starts beeping regulalry during the night (trouble icon shows)--upsetting the dog and waking us up. It happens during the day but it's nto so bothersome.ADT says the cel towwers (ATT) are downcausing this and this problem is occurring all over the country.

They knew they were having this problem when it was installed, yet forgot to mention it. They do not know when ATT will be functioning properly. They have no logical response when I ask if this means no cell service--no monitoring, what tam I paying for? We work and dont like being awakened several times a night.

We have followed various customer service reps instructions to power unit down, talked to supervisors and have basically been sent around in circles. Maybe its more realistic to train the dog to attack since the alarm system is usekess.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System.

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I am having a problem because of the personal cell towers please fix it.


AT&T has no problem, ADT was told years ago not to use the cheaper chipset that only allowed for GSM communications. They did not listen to the technical advisors telling the to go with a better chipset and install the one that cover LTE and 4G.

So as of January as previously reported on the news ATT shut down there GSM network, and since ADT did not listen to their technical advisors on using the upgraded chipset now you are having the issues. So to correct some miss conceptions it is not an ATT problem but an ADT issue by going cheap on their technology.


:( Since I do not have a landline to my home, I also deal with this AT&T cell tower disruption through ADT. Technically, there should be work around software that hands off the signals, but no one within ADT appears to be working on such a solution. I have to woonder why they aren't aligning themselves with another cell provider for tower support?

BTW, the iphone is not the issue since the problems occured in my area prior to the expansion of the iPhone services for AT&T. It has been associated with routine service of their towers. The worst of these occurred at 2am on New Year's Day - Really -AT&T you have your staff working maitenance on New Year's Day at 2am?

What is not reported here is that not only do you have the multiple alarm chimes going off, but you get a phone call from the ADT monitoring service to let you know that you have an alarm going off. You have to enter codes and follow a different sequence than you might normally enter to silence the alarms. This very much disrupts your ability to sleep well particularly if your day starts at 5am.


Chance - what a ridiculous statement you make. You must not work.

10 minutes of being awakened by a beeping alarm in the middle of the night causes great harm to a working person. Sleep is disrupted and that affects many facets of the performance the next day. We have this same problem - more than a year later after this post.

It is lame for anyone to say "oh, its a vendor causing the problem, not ADT" - if YOU provide the service to the customer then YOU are the one with the problem. This situation with ADT and the ATT GSM is the absolute pits!


Well its simple got a ADT/Gaylord security system installed. I was led to believe gaylord security industries was a good company.I have had problems for all 4 weeks of owing this system it only works when it wants to and i called them to fix the problem that only started with phone also not working since they installed.

I called another company thats legit out of Seattle Wa, to fix the problem.

Yes i will end up paying more money but it will work when i need it to. I guess you get what you pay for.


Blaming AT&T for this problem is ***.

Most manufacturers outsource portions of their product. Ford does not make their own radiator belts; but, if thousands of Fords are breaking down because of radiator belts, it is Ford's fault for choosing the wrong supplier.

ADT chose AT&T. ATD has the option to either switch cell providers or not sell alarms that are based on cell technology until they know it works.

Pointing fingers is for LOSERS!

Ben t

So again, it AT&T not ADT. And your shocked that ADT isn't sure when a completely different company will resolve they're technical concerns??

Different companies often don't know about other companies business. Yes ADT cellular system using the AT&T network which is upgrading, in no way does ADT have control over this.

It is the same network many cell phone customers use and have the same issue. THIS IS AN AT&T COMPLAINT NIT ADT.

@Ben t

The argument that "this is not an ADT problem, this is an ATT problem" is absolute horse ***. ADT is the company selling the service, therefore they are responsible for their customer's satisfaction.

It is 100% the responsibility of ADT to address the problem with ATT and come to a quality solution, or charge the customer accordingly.

When this happens, good luck getting back to sleep following the adrenaline boost of a 1am alarm event. You are a complete hole for suggesting anything other than ADT responsibility.


I ordered a "FREE SECURITY SYSTEM" from Gaylord security in kent wa. I was promised no charge except monotoring according to the telemarketar that called 17 times and the manager i talked to once.

Gaylord security stated on the the phone at least 13 times they were adt and the manager at leadt 5 times. They got to the appointment 3 hours late and smelling like maybe happy hour was why they were late. The total they tryed to scam me for was $775.00 plus monotoring not the $0 i was promised plus my house is 1100 square feet 2 doors and 1 motion detector did it. I sent the Gaylord ripoff on there way i put a call in to the owner but he was to chicken bull to call me back.

i ended up getting a professional system from a company that has a office in everett and he stated he worked for these people and had to quit due to there dishonest. Pay attention buyer and there is a lot bigger adt dealer in renton wa.


You may be right in not knowing Suzan's ultimate customer but the fact still remains in my experience with the system is that in my case this cell outage triggered my alarm at 2am which begs the question as to not knowing if the alarm is caused by 1) cell tower maintenance or 2) I actually have someone breaking into the house or attached garage. Not a great situation to be in if in fact #2 is taking place and I pretend that #1 is the cause.


First, you are not an ADT customer you are a customer of Gaylord Security. GEt it straight.

Second, yes unfortunately virtually ALL security providers in the US chose to work with AT&T for their cellular transmitters. You can thank iPhone users for these *** cell outages; they are the reason that AT&T is doing all of this upgrading... Also way to be honest in NOT telling the reader that these outages last for about 10 minutes at a time and usually only for a couple of weeks until the nearest cell tower is fully upgraded. PS yes virtually all security companies contract with AT&T for cellular service.

GSM is the logical way to go so Verizon is out.

T-Mobile is too small on a national level, and Sprint is just plain garbage. Whats left is AT&T and just like most big businesses they don't give a *** about their consumers beyond keeping them unpissed-off enough to not go with a competitor.

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