Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I have a Brinks alarm system installed in my residence. I called today to cancel my service and was told I was going to be billed for 19 months on a remaining contract.

I have been a customer of Brinks Since 2001 and have carried it with me from one property to the next. This is the third property which we have been in since June of 2009. When we informed Brinks of the move in residence, we were informed that our service would transfer to the new property. It was never explained to us that a NEW contract would be drafted for an additional three year term.

They deceptively put it on one of the many documents to sign when the system is being installed. We were always told of their "Move" package that would move a service from one proptery to the next. If this is the case, then a "new" agreement should not be expected for a new three year term. I've been a loyal customer of Brinks for 9 years.

I signed with Brinks because I did not like ADT, the other security company that we initially interviewed. Brinks is now owned by ADT and I am unhappy with the level of customer service that I am receiving. I did not sign a contract with ADT but am now being serviced by them. A recent alarm report from them the operator quoted the wrong city for the property address, meaning he would have contacted Philadelphia police, instead of my local police department.

The police would have gone to the wrong house!I do not like ADT, the company, nor there quality of service. I feel that the level of quality I expected in my initial contract nine years ago with Brinks has been lost. I am not receiving what the brand of Brinks promised me now that they are owned by ADT.

The agreement and the practice that was presented was deceitful and deceptive. I should be released without penalty.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I signed a 3 year contract with Brinks in December 2005 it ended in 2008. They automatically renew your contract for another year.

You need to let them know, if not you are stuck. It became Broadview Security, and then it was bought out by ADT. I have called many times, but received different answers. The first time I called, they told me that I would have to pay them until August 2011, which I was fine with that.

The last called I made, they said that I can cancel services, but I am stuck with the contract that I signed in 2005, until DECEMBER 2011. In other words, I will be paying them for nothing. I understand that I was in a contract but that contract was signed in 2005 with brinks. I was worried about getting burglarized, but BRINKS/BRoadview/ADT are the REAL CROOKS.

...This system is so outdated that a burglar all has to do is cut the phone line and all is left is bells and whistles. So unfair and I wouldn’t’ be surprised if this is legal. But because it is legal it does not make it right. I can’t believe that automatic ONE year contracts are acceptable in this country.

They should be illegal! I have fulfilled my 3 year contract in 2008……


Yes ADT is a ripoff and no I did not read the fine print. Our sales rep failed to inform us of the huge cancellation fees.Unfortunately we have had to sell our house before our contract was up so our choices were to pay $500.00 or ask the new owners if they would like us to transfer our service to their name.

Over my dead body. I would rather pay the fee and steer them clear of ADT and their unethical practices !


$12 a year*


Hey Dan, ADT offers a Paper Billing called "MPF" and it is only $1 more a month. If your that worried about a multi million dollar company dipping its pockets into your bank account maybe its worth $12 a month.

I mean if your paying annually I'm willing to bet that $12 a year isnt but a drop in the bucket to you. But then again rich *** usually try to weasel their way out of everything, especially if it involves an ammount of money that is meaningless to them.


Hey Chance, just so you know, God is not damned - you are if you take His name in vain. How offensive.

And even if you are agnostic or atheist, only lower class people stoop to vulgarity when in debate. Now, in respectful response to the former Brinks customer: I too, am very disappointed that I must now suffer as a former Brinks customer who chose NOT to use ADT. I just got a notice from ADT stating that (now that they are a monopoly), that unless I choose to submit to paperless billing (access to my bank account), my monitoring fees will be raised by 2 bucks per month. ADT claims that it costs them too much money to process paper billing, blah blah blah.

This is unfair, and doesn't apply to me.

I pay my bill annually. ADT actually benefits from having 12 months of service paid by me in advance.


"It was never explained to us that a NEW contract would be drafted for an additional three year term."

So you obviously signed your *** name to a contract that you DID NOT BOTHER TO READ. I am constantly amazed that people sign these contracts without reading them.

Perhaps 1% actually read them. This is your own *** fault, and you are being charged for BRINKS' OLD CANCELLATION CHARGE, not ADT's.

Brinks charged 100% of the remaining contract whereas ADT only charged 75%. ADT actually has by far the most favorable contract terms and you would know this were you not massively ignorant.

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