Union City, Ohio

My aunt's fire alarm went off and she did not remember her codes. She was charged $32.10 to shut it off.

She has paid $30 dollars a month for service of nearly 10 years and has never had a call. After calling three different numbers and being transferred each time,I asked them to credit her account for the amount. They simple said the policy is not to do so. Not smart business in my opinion; I told her it is time to look for someone who wants to service their customers.

#30 credit now or a loss of #367 a year, go figure. We will fine some one who cares

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Customer Care.

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If you have an alarm system it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD, not the company providing the security. If your security company calls to verify an alarm, if you cannot repeat your own password, that YOU chose, the company is OBLIGATED out of a concern for your own *** safety to call for help.

This is the whole point. OMG a $32.10 false alarm fee call Ralph Nader, LMFAO.


The problem here is your aunts loss of memory.Tell her to quit smoking *** and screwing young boys, then she can remember her codes!!!

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