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I moved into a new home and EVERY DAY a new ADT person comes, literally followed my teenage daughter into the home, and she had to slam the door in his face. Tonight I get called, during dinner of course, "Listen this isn't a sales call" BS, I tell him, drop me from their call list, not ineterested, he insisted over and over, vulgarities exchanged.

He called 3 times in less than 2 mintues to try to pressure me after I told him to F himself.

Ryan- get a job you can be proud of - in grade school - we'd have called you a weenie. OH - here's his number feel free to give him a call and let him know how much we love harassing and illegal sales tactics 8132057627

Reason of review: incredibly abusive relentless sales tactics.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: change in your high pressure sales tactics, and honor the *** do not call list - there's not a hope I am giving you even more ways to contact me..

ADT Pros: Threw them out of my house years ago, Continue to get high pressure sales.

ADT Cons: High pressure sales, Lack of respect.

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Hello. I'm very sorry for the concern this has caused and we'd like to investigate this further.

Please email us your contact information to us, and include any additional info on this sales rep, to AlwaysThere@adt.com. We'll have our Do Not Contact team follow up with you.

Thank you. -Andrew

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