I have a 3 yr contract with these bozo's In may someone set an apt with me to "update" the system to accommodate 3G wireless service. I took off work and he was a no call no show after about 3 hours past the apt time still no response or call from them.

About 3 weeks ago I rec'd a call from a tech service person telling me he noticed that the "update" was scheduled in May was not completed and the next avail apt would be Jul 29th @ 3 PM. Guess what!! Another no call no show today...... When I contacted these idiots again and explained my time is money they said " all I can do is reschedule him to come out.

I said I have lost money from work 2 days now and want him here today or on Saturdays. She tells me "they do not work on Sat or Sun." I said "they don't even work during the week, cause they are not here AGAIN. I have appx 11 mo left on this "contract" maybe I should take out a "contract" on the ADT Reps.

to help them get their *** together. ADT is the worst and should be banned from conducting business everywhere.....Nothing but scammers and *** work for them and I would love to see them in bankruptcy.......The only reason why it is a 3 yr contract is they work on volume the more residual they can get that helps them stay afloat longer sooner or later the well will run dry and they all will be living in a van down by the river.

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Same story! But I beat you...

they no showed not once...not twice.. THREE TIMES!

How can we rely on those people to monitor our security?

This company is mind blowing



I am posting this to complain about the poor service I have received from ADT. I have had my service a my current address for ten years and at another address for fifteen years prior to this.

The serviceman has been here twice to fix my system; he did work on it both times but the system failed a third time.

I was given a day/time for someone to come out again but was called at 3:30 on the day of the appointment and told he would not be coming. Would I like to reschedule for another appointment a week later. After numerous calls to people who apparently have no authority to do anything for me, I secured an appointment for this Monday.

Will the tech show up?

Will he fix the system? After the treatment I have received thus far, I am not hopeful.

My insurance rates are predicated on my having a working alarm system. I realize I have little recourse, except to publicize ADT's failures, which I have done on Twitter and other websites.


Hello. I'm Andrew, with ADT's corporate office and I would like to first apologize for the amount of frustration this concern has caused.

Could you please email us your contact information for where your service is located to AlwaysThere@adt.com so that we may follow up with you to address your concerns?

Thank you. -Andrew

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